Former Ohio State and Florida coach Urban Meyer has received some overtures from NFL teams in recent years, and league sources said he could receive serious consideration from the Lions and Jaguars in 2021. Meyer has been open to the notion of coaching in the pro game, and it would not be a shock should he interview for some of the vacant positions.

Meyer is broadcasting college football for Fox after walking away from the Buckeyes, but the idea of a return to coaching has never been that far off. The Lions recently added former linebacker Chris Spielman to their management team; Spielman has strong Ohio State ties and the Lions have hired college coaches before. Meyer is also a name that would have a unique appeal in Jacksonville, given his success at Florida, and with the Jaguars currently in line to land the top college quarterback in Trevor Lawrence with the first-overall pick.

There have been persistent rumblings in NFL circles about the Jaguars potentially having serious interest in Meyer, although the decision to opt to leave the media and get back into the grind of coaching is not something he or his family would make lightly. The Jaguars have been noticeably quiet about their search thus far, with several NFL execs and agents noting they have had limited contact with the Khan family. 

There is a sense in other front offices that the Jaguars may be up to something a little off the beaten path. Jacksonville fired GM Dave Caldwell weeks ago but retained Doug Marrone to finish the season before evaluating his future with the team.

Meyer's teams competed annually at the highest reaches of the college game, though some wonder if his methods would be effective in the NFL. Quarterbacks, even those of somewhat limited passing ability, thrived in his systems and his work at that position is always in demand in the pro ranks.