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Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has been itching to get back onto the football field since tearing his Achilles during his team's Week 8 victory over the Packers. While Cousins says healing has been "an interesting process," it's one he hopes to finish sooner rather than later. 

"I haven't been injured this severely in a long time. This was my first ever surgery of my life, so there was a lot that was unknown and new, but it's been a positive process," Cousins told CBS Sports. "We are two and a half months in since surgery, and I kind of kept waiting for the setback or the frustration with the rehab, but it's been a positive experience.

"We got probably another three or four months to go, whatever it may be. But I'm excited [about] getting out the other side and playing next season. I'll probably appreciate playing more than I ever have before."

Before the injury, Cousins registered 2,331 passing yards and 18 touchdowns through eight games, putting him on pace for his fourth straight season with 4,000+ passing yards.

Vikings fans were left wondering "what if" after Cousins' injury, especially after Minnesota picked up the fifth-year option on 2022 NFL Offensive Player of the Year Justin Jefferson's contract. 

"It's been so fun to have a player of [Jefferson's] caliber. We've played together for four seasons, and you feel like every year you get to know your teammates better and better, so we've built a great rapport," Cousins said. "I'm fortunate to play with someone who is as talented as he is. I do think we've had a very strong passing attack, largely because of him and players like T.J. Hockenson and Jordan Addison and K.J. Osborn. I'm blessed to get to play with so many great players."

Cousins is set to hit free agency in March, and while he could return to Minnesota, he could also be looking for a new team. A lot of uncertainties surrounding Cousins' future remain, but the four-time Pro Bowler will have the same goals no matter where he ends up playing next season: Successfully healing his Achilles, and then competing at the highest level and biggest stage possible. 

"I certainly want to play a few more years of football, so I'm hoping that the remaining years left before me and my football career that I won't be sitting around watching playoff football, but that i'll be playing playoff football," Cousins said. "That's certainly a goal up ahead. ... Certainly winning is a huge priority."

While Cousins is still waiting to return to the field, he found a way to participate in Super Bowl 58. As part of Tost by Tostitos, Cousins is going to be cooking and serving a meal for a lucky fan. He is known for his uncomplicated "dad fits," which perfectly match the way he approaches the kitchen: "pretty simple, straight forward" meals, and nothing spicier than mild salsa. Fortunately, he will have someone to guide him in Las Vegas.

Cousins admitted he is not necessarily a great chef. In fact, his wife does most of the cooking. However, one of his football skills translates to the kitchen quite well.

"I wouldn't consider myself a great chef, but I do consider myself coachable," Cousins said. 

That's one of the most important traits an athlete can have, as is patience -- which Cousins is currently working on. Before the Achilles injury, Cousins missed only two starts with the Vikings. Being on the sideline is not what he is used to, but he said it actually gives him a different perspective on the game.

"There is a blessing to standing and watching and seeing the job of the starting quarterback, not being the starting quarterback," Cousins said. "I try to see the silver lining in that, and hopefully it can serve me well when I get back to the field, but it was still a long nine weeks of the season that I didn't get to play. It is hard watching the playoffs too, but I just keep reminding myself that there is more football up ahead, and that's encouraging to remind myself."