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The injuries Washington quarterbacks Alex Smith and Joe Theismann suffered were the exact same, as both signal-callers broke their right tibia and fibula. The similarities don't stop there, however, as both occurred on the same day 33 years apart. Still not shaking in your boots? Well the final score of both games was 23-21, both injuries occurred around the 40-yard line, both injuries were caused by a three-time Defensive Player of the Year and in both cases, Washington's Pro Bowl left tackle was not on the field due to injury. While there are many similarities between the two unfortunate events, there is also one big difference: Smith worked his way back onto the field.

Theismann was forced into retirement after suffering his gruesome injury, but Smith was recently cleared for football activity after 21 months of pure hell. Smith not only almost lost his leg, but he almost lost his life after developing sepsis. Smith was able to salvage his limb, his life and now maybe his football career. Theismann is ecstatic to see Smith back throwing on the practice field, and admitted that he's living vicariously through the former No. 1 overall pick. 

"I'm so excited for him, and I guess I'm living a little vicariously through him because of our association with the injuries," Theismann said on the Jason & John Show on 92.9 ESPN in Memphis, via "Of course, we were basically hurt 33 years apart. The place on the field ... the persons that got to us ... the similarities are incredible. But that's really where it ends, and a lot of people don't realize that. I had one operation; Alex had 17. He had four different flesh-eating bacteria that he had to deal with. He came within a 24-hour period of losing his leg, as well as possibly his life.

"He's fought through so much, and to see him be able to go out and throw the ball around, it's heartwarming. To me, he should be Comeback Player of the Year no matter what. He worked so hard to get to where he is and I'm thrilled for him, and hopefully he'll continue to get better and better and better."

The jury is still out regarding whether Washington is hosting a legitimate quarterback battle or not. Dwayne Haskins clearly has a better shot to be the future under center for Washington, plus you have to wonder if Smith is 100 percent prepared to get back on the field and take a hit.

"I'm not waiting for the 'right moment' or the 'right person,'" Washington head coach Ron Rivera said earlier this week. "We have to make those moments right, and waiting for a guy to catch up isn't going to help the other guys."

Haskins will probably win the starting job, but Theismann is right in saying that Smith should win the Comeback Player of the Year award no matter what.