Most 40-year-olds would be happy running a 4.72 40-yard dash, but former NFL quarterback Michael Vick was disappointed with his performance. Vick is not as quick as he used to be when he was in the league, but he's determined to get even faster for next year.

In 2001 before the NFL Draft, Vick ran a 4.33 40-yard dash, reaching almost 19 mph and since then he's slowed down a bit, but he still has it.

Vick ran the 40-yard dash as part of fundraising special for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for Rich Eisen's Run Rich Run.

The quarterback tweeted about the experience, giving the reasoning for why he was slower than we wanted:

"I gave it all I had and ran with purpose for a great cause! Next year I'm training harder because my right hamstring at about 27yds started hating on me as usual. Shout out to @richeisen for running 4.4."

Vick might not be as fast as he wants to be, but he's at the level of many young quarterbacks entering the league now. 

The event includes other NFL players to run the 40-yard dash for charity.