The attention paid to Colin Kaepernick this season has been significant. He first drew attention when he decided not to stand during the national anthem for a preseason game, a silent protest that he continued throughout the NFL regular season.

Kaepernick has been the focus of scrutiny for not voting and for his clothing choices, but regardless of what you think about him, he's doing good in the community. Kaepernick started donating a $100,000 per month (and $1 million in total) to various causes and this year he decided to donate his massive sneaker collection to the homeless in San Francisco.

We've known for a long time that Kaepernick has a massive shoe collection. He had so many he needed to store them in his garage.

But it appears his interests have changed pretty dramatically, because instead of holding onto the shoes, he's cleaning them out and donating them all to homeless shelters and orphanages.

Hooray for the massive Air Force One upgrade across the streets of San Francisco!

You can check out the donations Kaepernick made this month on his website