The Giants aren't playing in the Super Bowl, but they might have just won it nonetheless. Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr. and Landon Collins teamed up to show us why celebrations matter. Manning showed off his best Patrick Swayze dancing skills, and Beckham Jr. did a fantastic Jennifer Grey as Baby impersonation, as the Giants began to prepare for the 2018 season with a little "Dirty Dancing" homage. 

Twitter, of course, loved the ad, and it took attention away from the game in the best possible way.

Super Bowl LII might have a new champion, and it isn't the Eagles or the Patriots. It's funny that on the NFL's biggest stage, it managed to steal the show from its advertisers. Move over Tide (and your pods), there's a new Ad Bowl winner.

This defies rivalries, it's bigger than any Lombardi. Eli and Odell having the time of their lives are now, officially, everything.

The Giants have to be Super Bowl favorites for 2018. Ben McAdoo doesn't know what he was missing, and Pat Shurmur's playbook should include a whole lot dancing.

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