Moms are the best. Everyone has one but everyone probably doesn't appreciate mom enough. Curtis Samuel should really appreciate his because she is a super-sweet lady who loves her son and wants to see him walk into training camp even though he is an adult millionaire joining tons of other adult millionaires in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Technically it is CAMP, but it's not like teenage camp when you're embarrassed by mom and dad dropping you off and just want them to leave because they're standing there waving and clapping and YOU'RE MAKING ME LOOK LIKE A DORK, MOM. 

See? Moms are under-appreciated. But back to Curtis Samuel: his mom really did drop him off at training camp and stand there and watch him walk in. 

As caught by Tiffany Blackmon of NFL Network:

Can you imagine this conversation? Maybe it was totally cool with Samuel if his mom came and stood far enough behind, because in all likelihood making the NFL has been a dream of his for a long time and his mother worked hard to help him achieve that dream. If my mom wanted to come see me off to training camp, I would be down with it too. 

Samuel, by the way, is just 20 years old. He was born in 1996! That's the year MTV2 was launched and Michael Jackson and Lisa-Marie Pressley got divorced. Feels like a different time. Tupac was shot. "The Score" by the Fugees was released. Man, I feel old. 

More important, 1996 was the first year the Panthers went to the playoffs. When the Panthers were founded, Curtis Samuel was negative three. 

Life moves pretty fast. Stop and hug your mom and always let her drop you off at training camp.