The long, national nightmare of the missing Tom Brady Super Bowl LI has finally come to an end, with the NFL announcing the league’s security found Brady’s jersey, along with a missing jersey from Super Bowl XLIX, in Mexico with the help of the FBI.

Yes, the FBI got involved, because this is now officially an international incident. Brady’s jersey was stolen from the locker room after the Patriots incredible 25-point comeback against the Falcons

The story is pretty absurd, because it’s stolen merchandise, but the details surrounding how the NFL caught the guy are also fascinating. And they come via Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, revealing the details on “Undisputed” Monday morning.

And, according to Glazer, this has been happening for a while and the guy in question just strolled in right behind Bill Belichick. 

“The FBI and the NFL security, along with Patriots security, Houston PD, they actually went through all this video trying to track somebody down. And they zeroed in on a person of interest -- that person of interest, I’m told, is an international member of the media. I don’t believe he’s actually a member of the media, but he was posing as a member of the media,” Glazer said. “[He] got credentialed, it’s been going on for quite some time. And they’ve got him going in the locker room, right behind Bill Belichick, as if he’s with the team, goes in there, loiters around for a little while. Seen leaving a little bit later with something under his arm, he just goes in without anything under his arm, just your normal media backpack. Comes out with the backpack plus something under his arm.

“They’ve all zeroed in on ... they were found down in Mexico. Tried to get them back here on American soil. They had to authenticate them, and in fact they were, so I understand they will be returned to the Patriots some time this week.”

Glazer also added that the Broncos believe some items were stolen from Von Miller, the MVP of Super Bowl 50, when the game was played in San Francisco. 

Additionally, there was apparently more than just Brady’s jersey stolen -- Glazer reported that the Patriots believe other items may have been taken from the Patriots quarterback as well. 

The suspect in question, according to the Houston Police Department, “had legitimate access to the Super Bowl.”

After the theft took place, Brady initially was expecting the jersey to show up on eBay, but it turns out that the thief in question doesn’t like to sell these items. Or couldn’t sell them -- he was obviously still holding onto the stolen Super Bowl jersey from Super Bowl XLIX, which took place in February of 2015.

The police played this pretty nicely too, because initially they acted as if they weren’t considering the jersey theft a high-profile matter. But they later classified the theft as a felony and valued the jersey at $500,000.

That’s a pretty stout price and explains why the police were so eager to find the jersey. 

Also, someone sneaking into the locker room after the Super Bowl and stealing valuable items year after year isn’t a good look for NFL security either. Finding the guy and putting an end to these shenanigans was probably pretty high on the NFL’s list.

The jersey might be found, but there is also a good chance we haven’t heard the end of this story, not with so much an international border being involved in the theft.