To say that Patrick Mahomes' NFL career has gotten off to a hot start would definitely be an understatement. The Chiefs quarterback has only been in the NFL for seven seasons and in that time, he's already won three Super Bowls and two MVP awards. 

If Mahomes keeps it up, he could end up re-writing the NFL record book. If that's going to happen, though, Mahomes is going to need put together a long career. One player who managed to play for what seemed like forever was Tom Brady. The seven-time Super Bowl winner played for a total of 23 seasons before he decided to call it quits following the 2022 season. 

Brady played until he was 45 years old, and in a recent interview with Time, Mahomes said he would "love" to stick around for that long. 

"I've looked, if I played until Tom [Brady]'s age, my daughter would be 19, 20 years old," Mahomes said. "I would love to play that long."

Although Mahomes would love to match Brady's career longevity, he did admit that there's one thing that could send him to retirement before that could happen: His family. 

Mahomes has a three-year-old daughter with his wife, Brittany, and if he starts to feel like he can't be there for the big moments in her life down the road, then he'll consider hanging up his cleats for good. 

"I want to be there for my daughter. If I can do that, I'll continue to play," Mahomes said. "But if I feel like it's taking away from my family time, that's when I'll know it's time to go." 

Mahomes also admitted that he might have to step things up when it comes to taking care of himself if he's going to play until he's 45. 

"Tom's skewed people's brains on how hard that is to do because of how well he took care of his body," Mahomes said. "So I'm about to make sure that I get rid of this dad bod if I want to play to 45." 

The good news for Mahomes is that he's only 28, so if he wants to play until he's 45, he has 17 years to get rid of his dad bod.