Wide receiver Nelson Agholor is entering his second year with the New England Patriots and predicts he will make an even bigger splash on offense this season. Agholor spoke to the media on Tuesday and discussed everything from the feeling in the locker room, to his predictions for this season and gave some insight on what it is like to play for the team.

The 28-year-old said the players and coaches around him paired with the familiarity of the offense has him feeling more comfortable as he enters his second season with the squad. 

Agholor said the diversity of the team is beneficial for the group:

"It's truly a brotherhood. This organization does a good job of bringing a lot of men from different backgrounds into one place and putting them through a certain level of competition... that allows them to grow together and embrace it together ... I'm in a really happy place."

This happy place is one reason why Agholor feels he will be at his best next season. He said his attitude coming in is thanks to the players, coaches and training staff around him and knowing what to expect from the offense. 

Agholor said the Patriots route tree is "unique," but now he knows the routes, which will have any WR feeling better about performing well during a game. He says now that he knows the playbook better, he can put his own spin on how the team does things.

He had high praise for second year quarterback Mac Jones, saying Jones has "trained his butt off" and has impressed the team.

"I think Mac's greatest strength is his ability to communicate. Obviously, he's a great quarterback, I think he throws the ball amazing," Agholor said. "But I love the way he communicates, and that's something that allows you to grow together, to work together.

Agholor threw in a prediction for next season, saying, "I'm here for a reason … I love the opportunity given to me to be a Patriot … I'm excited to have the best season with the Patriots and show why I'm here."

The wide receiver did not give much away when it came to coach questions, which is typical of a Patriots player. When asked who the wide receiver's coach and offense coordinator will be next season he had the same answer twice: "Ask coach Belichick."