New York Islanders defenseman Zdeno Chara is the oldest player in the National Hockey League, but that does not mean his fighting skills have dwindled. He can still duke it out with opponents on the ice -- and can also demonstrate great sportsmanship. It all showed during Tuesday night's game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

The 44-year-old dropped the gloves and went at 25-year-old Flyers center Zach MacEwen. He then proved that the oldest guy in the league clearly still has it.

After fighting MacEwen -- and rocking him with an uppercut -- Chara was kind enough to check in on the player he just beat up.

He even appeared to ask MacEwen if he was OK after the fight. Take a look at the exchange:

Chara is not only the oldest player in the NHL, but at 6-foot-9 he is the tallest player in the league. Chara's wingspan made it nearly impossible for MacEwen to land any punches as the Islander held him at a distance. Chara's size is what has always made him tough to go up against during his career.

Chara took a win in the fight and his team also walked away with a win on the night. The Islanders defeated the Flyers, 4-3.