If you were to wake up next to a Norwegian athlete in the morning and ask them how they like their eggs, they might tell you "by the thousands."

At least that's what it seemed like when chefs for Norway's Olympic team put in an order for 15,000 eggs in Pyeongchang prior to the start of the Olympics. Yes, FIFTEEN-THOUSAND eggs for 109 athletes at the Winter Games. That comes out to about 137 eggs per athlete over the next few weeks. 

Those boys and girls must really like their omelettes, huh?

Alas, the order was a mistake, as the culinary experts meant to request just 1,500 eggs from a local supermarket, but a translation error or typo accidentally moved the comma and resulted in an extra 13,500 eggs. 

Fortunately for the chefs, they were let off the hook and allowed to return their massive surplus, and the head of the Norwegian team said it's "not a big issue."

Easy to say when you're not a chicken, I guess.