K-State fans caused havoc after rushing the floor in February. (USATSI)

Rush the court or storm the field ... and you could lose a game at home? That's a lingering possibility for one major conference in college basketball and football.

Big 12 commish Bob Bowlsby announced on Wednesday from the conference's spring meetings that his league is taking steps to giving him the power to retract future home games from schools if their fans rush the floor in the wake of a win. This according to a report from the Associated Press, among other outlets.

Also on the table: fines from the league to member schools. The SEC already has a tiered system in place for floor-storming. In that league, a first-time violation is $5,000, with a second court-storm triggering a $25,000 fine. A third incident comes with a $50,000 tag.

The SEC is considering amending their fine tiers with a first offense expected to be in the range of $50,000 starting next season.

The Big 12 has not yet fully settled on protocol, but a general outline has been voted upon and so this will be the deal in that league going forward.

"I don't know that there's anything off the table in dealing with those issues," Bowlsby told the media on Wednesday. "I think I've been given broad prerogatives to deal with those issues."

This vote from the Big 12 stems back to last season, when Kansas State upset Kansas, and in the frenzy afterward, KU coaches and players got pinned against the scorer's table by fans. In one instance, a fan -- who later wrote a letter of apology after being cited for disorderly conduct -- body-checked Kansas forward Jamari Traylor.

The Big 12 will continue its meetings throughout the week. The league has also discussed revoking ticket privileges from fans who display poor conduct and doing something about toning down offensive chants.