I'm really struggling with whether to have Kentucky or Kansas No. 1 in the CBS Sports Top 25 (and one). I know the Wildcats and Jayhawks should be No. 1 and No. 2 in some order -- as Matt Norlander recently pointed out. But I go back and forth on the order. So Norlander and I spent a good bit of time on that in this episode of the Eye On College Basketball Podcast -- but not until after we discussed ... our children!

Let me explain.

My two young sons stayed with their grandmother Thursday night. So my wife and I had a rare quiet night at home -- and it was amazing. We ate dinner in peace. We watched Netflix. Nobody was throwing blocks at each other. So Norlander and I, randomly and unintentionally, got into a conversation about the joys of parenting and the complications kids create. Then we talked about the difference between a Whopper and Whoppers. And then, finally, we got to basketball. Our conversation unfolded like this ...

  • 9:44: So who should be No. 1 -- Kansas or Kentucky? We talked through it from every angle. Norlander has a definitive opinion. But I'm still not sold either way.
  • 31:09: Gonzaga added graduate transfer Geno Crandall on Thursday. Is he a difference-maker for the Zags? Is Mark Few on his way to a second Final Four in a three-year span?
  • 35:40: Some of the stars of this past college basketball season have spent this week playing in the NBA Summer League. Jaren Jackson had an incredible debut Monday. Marvin Bagley somehow only scored one point in 29 minutes Thursday. And Trae Young is STRUGGLING. So we touched on those things before saying goodbye.

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