The national champion for the 2021-22 college basketball season was crowned Monday with Kansas cutting down the nets at the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans. And the Jayhawks did it unlikely fashion, defeating North Carolina 72-69 after rallying from a 16-point deficit to complete the biggest comeback in the NCAA Tournament championship game.

With the action coming to a close, you may be yearning to print out a bracket one more time before we head into the offseason, and you've come to the right place. We have every viewable bracket imaginable on our site/app, plus the traditional image/PDF link for a printable one. 

Below, you will find a viewable/printable 2022 NCAA Tournament bracket courtesy the home of March Madness/ CBS Sports. Thanks for stopping by, but don't forget to continue checking in as we get ready for next season. From previews to picks, plus news, scoops, features, analysis, must-watch video on CBS Sports HQ, podcasts and so much more. 

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All-time NCAA Tournament results

1939Oregon (29-5)Howard HobsonJimmy Hull, Ohio State
1940Indiana (20-3)Branch McCrackenMarvin Huffman, Indiana
1941Wisconsin (20-3)Bud FosterJohn Kotz, Wisconsin
1942Stanford (28-4)Everett DeanHowie Dallmar, Stanford
1943Wyoming (31-2)Everett SheltonKen Sailors, Wyoming
1944Utah (21-4)Vadal PetersonArnie Ferrin, Utah
1945Oklahoma State (27-4)Henry IbaBob Kurland, Oklahoma A&M
1946Oklahoma State (31-2)Henry IbaBob Kurland, Oklahoma A&M
1947Holy Cross (27-3)Doggie JulianGeorge Kaftan, Holy Cross
1948Kentucky (36-3)Adolph RuppAlex Groza, Kentucky
1949Kentucky (32-2)Adolph RuppAlex Groza, Kentucky
1950CCNY (24-5)Nat HolmanIrwin Dambrot, CCNY
1951Kentucky (32-2)Adolph RuppBill Spivey, Kentucky
1952Kansas (28-3)Phog AllenClyde Lovellette, Kansas
1953Indiana (23-3)Branch McCrackenB. H. Born, Kansas
1954La Salle (26-4)Ken LoefflerTom Gola, La Salle
1955San Francisco (28-1)Phil WoolpertBill Russell, San Francisco
1956San Francisco (29-0)Phil WoolpertHal Lear, Temple
1957North Carolina (32-0)Frank McGuireWilt Chamberlain, Kansas
1958Kentucky (23-6)Adolph RuppElgin Baylor, Seattle
1959California (25-4)Pete NewellJerry West, West Virginia
1960Ohio State (25-3)Fred TaylorJerry Lucas, Ohio State
1961Cincinnati (27-3)Ed JuckerJerry Lucas, Ohio State
1962Cincinnati (29-2)Ed JuckerPaul Hogue, Cincinnati
1963Loyola (Ill.) (29-2)George IrelandArt Heyman, Duke
1964UCLA (30-0)John WoodenWalt Hazzard, UCLA
1965UCLA (28-2)John WoodenBill Bradley, Princeton
1966UTEP (28-1)Don HaskinsJerry Chambers, Utah
1967UCLA (30-0)John WoodenLew Alcindor, UCLA
1968UCLA (29-1)John WoodenLew Alcindor, UCLA
1969UCLA (29-1)John WoodenLew Alcindor, UCLA
1970UCLA (28-2)John WoodenSidney Wicks, UCLA
1971UCLA (29-1)John WoodenHoward Porter, Villanova
1972UCLA (30-0)John WoodenBill Walton, UCLA
1973UCLA (30-0)John WoodenBill Walton, UCLA
1974North Carolina State (30-1)Norm SloanDavid Thompson, NC State
1975UCLA (28-3)John WoodenRichard Washington, UCLA
1976Indiana (32-0)Bob KnightKent Benson, Indiana
1977Marquette (25-7)Al McGuireButch Lee, Marquette
1978Kentucky (30-2)Joe B. HallJack Givens, Kentucky
1979Michigan State (26-6)Jud HeathcoteEarvin Johnson, Michigan State
1980Louisville (33-3)Denny CrumDarrell Griffith, Louisville
1981Indiana (26-9)Bob KnightIsiah Thomas, Indiana
1982North Carolina (32-2)Dean SmithJames Worthy, North Carolina
1983North Carolina State (26-10)Jim ValvanoAkeem Olajuwon, Houston
1984Georgetown (34-3)John ThompsonPatrick Ewing, Georgetown
1985Villanova (25-10)Rollie MassiminoEd Pinckney, Villanova
1986Louisville (32-7)Denny CrumPervis Ellison, Louisville
1987Indiana (30-4)Bob KnightKeith Smart, Indiana
1988Kansas (27-11)Larry BrownDanny Manning, Kansas
1989Michigan (30-7)Steve FisherGlen Rice, Michigan
1990UNLV (35-5)Jerry TarkanianAnderson Hunt, UNLV
1991Duke (32-7)Mike KrzyzewskiChristian Laettner, Duke
1992Duke (34-2)Mike KrzyzewskiBobby Hurley, Duke
1993North Carolina (34-4)Dean SmithDonald Williams, North Carolina
1994Arkansas (31-3)Nolan RichardsonCorliss Williamson, Arkansas
1995UCLA (31-2)Jim HarrickEd O'Bannon, UCLA
1996Kentucky (34-2)Rick PitinoTony Delk, Kentucky
1997Arizona (25-9)Lute OlsonMiles Simon, Arizona
1998Kentucky (35-4)Tubby SmithJeff Sheppard, Kentucky
1999Connecticut (34-2)Jim CalhounRichard Hamilton, Connecticut
2000Michigan State (32-7)Tom IzzoMateen Cleaves, Michigan State
2001Duke (35-4)Mike KrzyzewskiShane Battier, Duke
2002Maryland (32-4)Gary WilliamsJuan Dixon, Maryland
2003Syracuse (30-5)Jim BoeheimCarmelo Anthony, Syracuse
2004Connecticut (33-6)Jim CalhounEmeka Okafor, Connecticut
2005North Carolina (33-4)Roy WilliamsSean May, North Carolina
2006Florida (33-6)Billy DonovanJoakim Noah, Florida
2007Florida (35-5)Billy DonovanCorey Brewer, Florida
2008Kansas (37-3)Bill SelfMario Chalmers, Kansas
2009North Carolina (34-4)Roy WilliamsWayne Ellington, North Carolina
2010Duke (35-5)Mike KrzyzewskiKyle Singler, Duke
2011Connecticut (32-9)Jim CalhounKemba Walker, Connecticut
2012Kentucky (38-2)John CalipariAnthony Davis, Kentucky
2013Louisville (35-5)Rick PitinoLuke Hancock, Louisville
2014Connecticut (32-8)Kevin OllieShabazz Napier, Connecticut
2015Duke (35-4)Mike KrzyzewskiTyus Jones, Duke
2016Villanova (35-5)Jay WrightRyan Arcidiacono, Villanova
2017North Carolina (33-7)Roy WilliamsJoel Berry II, North Carolina
2018Villanova (36-4)Jay WrightDonte DiVincenzo, Villanova
2019Virginia (35-3)Tony BennettKyle Guy, Virginia
2020Tournament canceled due to Coronavirus

2021Baylor (28-2)Scott DrewJared Butler, Baylor
2022Kansas (34-6)Bill SelfOchai Agbaji, Kansas