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No. 4 seed Arizona entered Thursday as the lone beacon of hope for the beleaguered Pac-12 in the NCAA Tournament. The Wildcats end it -- along with their season -- after putting up a dumbfounding performance that led to bracket enthusiasts everywhere crying with buyer's remorse.

The Wildcats stumbled out of the gate against No. 13 seed Buffalo, and while they kept it close for the first 20 minutes, Buffalo's hot shooting and Arizona's inability to hit anything on offense created a perfect recipe for an upset. The Bulls cooked up a resounding 89-68 win over Arizona, and well, let's just say you're not alone if you're feeling upset about all the red streaks surely lining your bracket.

Feeling a little better now?

Of course Buffalo winning screws up your bracket. On paper (and maybe in real life), Arizona wins that game 95 out of 100 times. Maybe more. But they call it March Madness for a reason, and put simply, the Bulls were the better team on Thursday. It's what makes the NCAA Tournament so fun, and for those with brackets with hopes of winning your pool, so maddening.

But not to fear: if you've got the bracket woes thanks to Arizona, you are almost certainly not alone. After the loss, only 0.04 percent of brackets filled out through remained perfect -- and we're only halfway through the first round.

March really has gone mad, hasn't it?