We've got a team with perhaps the best offense ever, and a team with one of the truly elite defenses in the country. The key story lines are fascinating, and the game will be the same.

The championship game is here, folks. Villanova and Michigan have both punched their tickets to Monday's national title game, and we couldn't have asked for two better teams. It looks like, despite all the upsets along the way, the right two teams ended up in San Antonio.

As for that bracket? Well, if you've already ripped it to pieces, you're certainly not alone. But the beauty of March Madness is that you can simply print a new one by using our updated bracket in PDF form.

Don't worry, we won't tell anyone.

And if you are one of those whose original bracket has long been busted, you're not alone. Take a look at some of the celebrities who may need to print out a new bracket themselves.

Former FBI director James Comey had Virginia winning the whole thing. Whoops.

Yup, Super Bowl champion Chris Long had Virginia too. Oh boy.

Barack Obama had Michigan State winning the whole thing. Done.

George Bush had Virginia in the Final Four, but his champion Aggies are still alive!

John McCain had Virginia losing! Unfortunately it was to the team he picked to win the championship, Arizona, which also lost in the first round.

One guy claimed to have called the UMBC upset, but he took things a little too far.

Get yours going again, and you, too, can have the whole first round right.