Do you have a busy schedule? Maybe you only have a limited amount of time to devote to college basketball.

Then perhaps you should consider becoming a VCU fan, because the Rams seem to save their best for the final 0.4 seconds, at least in every game they've played during the past week.

Earlier this week, the Rams trailed with 0.4 seconds to play at St. Bonaventure. Yet a premature court storm from St. Bonaventure earned VCU a technical foul that sent the Rams to the line, and VCU pulled it out in overtime.

Wednesday's result, as crazy as the victory at St. Bonaventure was, might top that.

With time expiring, George Washington's Yuta Watanabe drilled a go-ahead 3-pointer for what appeared to be the winner.

After review of the play, officials put 0.4 seconds on the clock. It forced VCU into a Hail Mary situation, down one point and taking the inbound on the opposite end of the floor.

Yet VCU's prayers were answered moments later in the most unlikely ways: by drawing a charge (yes, a charge) that sent JeQuan Lewis to the free-throw line.

For GW, that is as disheartening a way to lose as any. Not only does that call (a charging foul against a player not on offense) rarely happen, but it happened at the worst possible time.

And VCU fans rejoiced once more.

Summed in a tweet, Gary Parrish explained it perfectly: