UPDATE: Grayson Allen has been indefinitely suspended by Duke.

Following No. 5 Duke's 72-61 victory against Elon on Wednesday, all eyes were on Grayson Allen. The junior Blue Devils star was caught red-handed kicking an Elon player -- which earned him a technical foul and a trip to the bench in the first half.

Cameras were all over him as he sat the pine. It portrayed a disturbing scene of Allen losing his cool that was caught on the national broadcast.

Throughout the game, there were multiple occasions where he showed frustration, mostly at himself, for his actions. He owned up to it after the game in a tearful interview in the locker room.

"I made a really bad play. I'm sorry to him, Santa Ana. I'm sorry to the official that had to call that. I'm sorry to the whole team. It was selfish it took away from them. I'm not proud of it."

Allen has a long rap sheet now of incidents involving him and tripping players. Even as sincere as the apology seems, it might take him putting his words into action before we can really take his intent to change seriously.