Thanks to a temporary lapse in thinking, Brown took home a 91-90 win over Bryant on Monday night.

With 3.8 seconds left on the clock, Brown's Tavon Blackmon scored to put his team ahead by one.

Now, 3.8 seconds is plenty of time to run the length of the floor and get off a decent shot.

But that's only if you're aware of the score, which freshman guard Ikenna Ndugba apparently was not.

After the go-ahead score for Brown, Ndugba took the inbound pass and, thinking his team had secured the win, dribbled to the ball to half-court to run out the clock. As he runs down the floor, even his teammates are calling for the ball to try and attempt a last-second shot, but instead, Ndugba chucked the ball in the air as time expired, trotting down the floor to try and catch a high-five from his teammate before he realized what he had done.

There was no real guarantee they could have even grabbed a shot at the buzzer, but not being aware of the situation is a scenario that I'm sure this freshman will learn from in the future. Unfortunately sometimes learning comes the hard way.