Grayson Allen apparently just can't keep his feet from being tangled up with other players.

The Duke star served a one-game suspension for an incident that took place against Elon in late December, and returned from his suspension earlier this week against Georgia Tech.

In his second game back from the suspension against Boston College on Saturday, Allen got tangled up again with the opposing team in what looks to be an attempt at tripping an opponent.

Was it a clear attempt at tripping the Boston College player? In my eyes, it could go either way.

But Allen has quite a history of tripping over the past year, so it's not like this is the first time his feet have gotten him tangled up with players, intentionally or not.

It does seem strange that when he catches a screen, he uses his left foot which held all his weight to jolt back towards the opposing team. It's backwards as far as the momentum would carry him.

The play didn't draw a foul call, and it almost certainly won't get any suspension drawn against him again. But whether or not it was an actual attempt is irrelevant. He's worn out any benefit of the doubt when it comes to any limbs flailing on the basketball court.