If Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray wasn't already a player to watch in 2018, he is now. The expected successor to Baker Mayfield was drafted surprisingly high at No. 9 by the Oakland Athletics on Monday evening during the MLB Draft. 

If anyone knows about playing baseball and football at a high level, it's Bo Jackson. Speaking with MLB Network on Tuesday during the draft, Jackson offered a piece of advice to Murray: find your sport and concentrate on it. 

"The sporting world's a little different now than it was when I played," Jackson told Alex Datt of MLB Network. "They have more talent, way more talent. The talent pool is deep. I can't tell the young man what to do, but whatever sport he chooses, concentrate on it."

In time, Murray will heed this advice. What was initially an interesting situation presented to him ended up not being so interesting. Not long after being drafted, Murray and Sooners coach Lincoln Riley both confirmed the redshirt junior would be playing football this fall. The A's, by the way, are totally cool with it (and needed to be in order to draft him that high) because the expectation is he'll join the organization in the future. 

And the writing on the walls is that Murray will choose baseball full-time. On top of the fact that the MLB is an overall smarter career path, Murray's more slender 5-foot-11 build is going to make playing quarterback an awfully hard, although certainly not impossible, job at the next level. 

The talented outfielder also had a good season for the Sooners, batting .296 with 10 homers, 47 RBI, 46 runs and a .398 on-base percentage over 51 games.

The good news is he can do both for now while earning in the neighborhood of $4.76 million by way of a signing bonus -- the slot value for the ninth pick -- and be eligible under NCAA rules. There's precedence for this, too, including former Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker

In fact, the signing bonus would actually make Murray a higher-paid employee than Riley for 2018. Who knows what effect that will have on the upcoming season for Murray, but it's an interesting dynamic all the same.