The referees never reviewed the game-winning touchdown pass thrown by UCLA star quarterback Josh Rosen to complete a historic comeback and erase a 34-point deficit against Texas A&M on Sunday night. Perhaps they should have done so.

While Rosen's heroic play to conclude a fifth straight Bruins touchdown drive immediately sent Twitter into hysterics and put the entire Aggies fan base in a permanent Surrender Cobra pose as the media argued whether it just saw a UCLA comeback or Texas A&M choke job ... it may have all been for naught.

Consider that while Rosen's pass to Jordan Lasley with 43 seconds remaining was right on the money, Lasley may not have gotten a foot down in the end zone with possession of the ball.

You can see the play in full speed at the top of this story, but let's take a look at a slow-motion GIF and some screenshots of said catch.


Lasley definitely gets one foot inbounds, which is all you need in college. The question is whether he has control of the ball at the time his foot touches inbounds. Here are screenshots of when Lasley gets his first foot inbounds vs. his second foot. 


You can draw your own conclusions as to whether the pass was complete.

If it had been reviewed, officials would have needed to determine whether the evidence was conclusive enough to overturn the call. Otherwise, it would have stood.

Like many close calls before it, it's in the past now. Nothing can be done to change it. The final score says this is the most miraculous comeback you'll see in a long time, but the catch was definitely closer call than initially thought.