Throughout our country's history, colleges and universities have been a hotbed for political and religious activism. When an on-campus protester began to threaten others with hate speech at Oklahoma, a Sooners running back stepped in with a much stronger and popular message of unity.

The actions of Najee Bissoon, a redshirt junior from Humble, Texas, inspired someone from the office of Student Life to write a note to Oklahoma assistant coach Jay Boulware commending the player and his actions. Boulware shared that note with head coach Bob Stoops, who posted the story on his personal Twitter account.

"I wanted to let you know that I believe this campus was made better today by the actions of Najee Bissoon. I was asked by a supervisor to go to the south oval and help with a situation that had started to gain attention. When I arrived, I watched a hate speech spreading man start attacking our students and trying to incite a riot. While other students stood by an watched or joined in a shouting match with he man, Najee stepped up, grabbed a megaphone and spread a message of togetherness with all his fellow students. He stood next to the despicable man and counter-argued everything he tried to say with a calm and collected attitude. After Najee had showed that our campus would not be torn apart, the man decided to pack up and leave while being escorted by campus police."

After the man left, Bissoon gave a speech "about how we are all puzzles and must fit together" before leading a prayer circle with students.

"Always speak your mind and stand up for what you believe in but remember actions speak louder than words," Bissoon wrote on Thursday. "Be the change."

Oklahoma's football players are no stranger to on-campus activism. In March 2015, Stoops and Oklahoma players canceled a spring practice and participated in demonstrations of unity following racial tensions on-campus sparked by the release of a racist fraternity video.