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The College Football Playoff produced a pair of sensational games on Monday, but the Pop-Tarts Bowl still may have been the most polarizing bowl game of this year's bowl season. After all, the Pop-Tarts mascot popped out of a humungous toaster on the field.

Even more impressively, the mascot hopped back into the toaster and an edible version came out at the bottom for Kansas State players to eat.

According to ESPN's Sarah Spain, the non-edible version of the Pop-Tarts mascot was played by the same person who dressed up as the Chicago Bulls mascot Benny the Bull for over 10 years. Barry Anderson portrayed Benny the Bull for over a decade before retiring from the gig in 2016.

Anderson repeatedly went viral for his shenanigans throughout the bowl game. At one point, he ended up creeping up behind a referee and dancing with a police officer who was working the game. He also held up a sign that said "Dreams really do come true" before he was lowered into the giant toaster at the end of the night.

The actual game saw Kansas State defeating NC State 28-19 back on Dec. 28.