NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas

Attendance at Texas home games could end up well below the statewide mandate for college and pro sports. In a campus-wide email, interim university president Jay Hartzell wrote that the university is examining a 25% capacity limit at Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium for football games. 

Given DKR's capacity of more than 95,000 seats -- it previously held more than 100,000 before construction began on the south end zone -- that would cap capacity at just under 24,000 fans. In June, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statewide mandate of 50% capacity for all stadiums hosting pro or collegiate games to help fight the spread of COVID-19. However, with Texas having been hit hard by the coronavirus spread over the past couple of months, Texas is considering further safety precautions. Similarly, Ohio State is looking at 20% capacity for home games in 2020. 

"The analysis of this new crowd size target is a reflection of the consistent change and uncertainty that has come with the COVID-19 pandemic. As rates in Austin and throughout Texas continue to ebb and flow, we must be agile and work consistently to develop strategies to protect the safety of our student athletes, coaches, staff members, students and all who visit our campus for athletic events," Hartzell wrote. "As we approach the start of the football season, we will closely monitor the spread of COVID-19 and make final decisions based on the guidance of our Board of Regents and state health officials in the coming weeks." 

Available seats would likely go to members of the Longhorn Foundation first with season ticket holders being given the option to opt out with their seats being held for 2021. This capacity limit would also include visiting team allotments. 

Texas is scheduled to open the season on Sept. 5 against South Florida. The Big 12 on the whole is looking to play as close to a full season as possible despite COVID-19 concerns nationwide.