Gary A. Vasquez (USA Today)

When you're drafting for a H2H points league in Fantasy basketball, you don't need to worry about percentages. You don't need to worry about 3-pointers, either. And you don't need to worry too much about turnovers or defensive specialists. What matters is building out a team that can rack up Fantasy points in big numbers. 

In a standard CBS Fantasy points league, points, rebounds, blocks, and steals are worth one point, while assists are worth two, and you lose one for a turnover. Maybe you prefer the Roto scoring format, which allows for a lot more variation in team building and maybe requires a bit more finesse; if you draft Luka Doncic in Roto, for example, his 4.3 turnovers per game and middling free-throw percentage on a huge volume mean you have to be careful building your roster with those two things in mind. 

In a points league, you don't really care about those things, because Doncic is such a high-volume producer, finishing fourth in points per game last season. That's not to say he isn't an elite player in any scoring format, because he obviously is, but it's a lot easier to build your team around a Doncic or Giannis Antetokounmpo, because their limitations don't matter nearly as much. 

That usually means the top of a points league draft is usually going to be a bit more predictable, though that may not be the case for the 2020-21 season. Given the condense schedule and shortened offseason, it's fair to wonder how veterans like LeBron James are going to be used -- load management games will be even more prevalent this season. And guys like James Harden -- who is demanding a trade from Houston, which could complicate his usage -- or Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant -- who are coming back from injuries and playing on almost entirely new rosters -- have bigger question marks than we'd like to be dealing with. . 

All of those players mentioned so far still went inside the first round in our H2H points mock draft except for Irving, who lasted until pick 20 and could end up a big value for CBS Sports' Joe Polito. You can find the results of this mock draft below, and you can use it as a reference when drafting your own team. Here's who took part:

  1. Alex Barutha,
  2. Chris Towers, CBS Fantasy
  3. Nick Whalen,
  4. Aaron Bruski,
  5. Joe Polito,
  6. Alex Rikleen,
  7. Juan Carlos Blanco,
  8. Jeff Edgerton,
  9. Frank Stampfl, CBS Fantasy
  10. Michael Waterloo, Fantasy Pros
  11. Adam Pfeifer, FTN Fantasy
  12. Dan Schneider, 
Round By Round
Round 1
Pos Team Player
1 Alex Barutha G. Antetokounmpo PF MIL
2 Chris Towers L. Doncic PG DAL
3 Nick Whalen A. Davis PF LAL
4 Aaron Bruski J. Harden SG BKN
5 Joe Polito N. Jokic C DEN
6 Alex Rikleen S. Curry PG GS
7 Juan Carlos Blanco D. Lillard PG POR
8 Jeff Edgerton K. Towns C MIN
9 Frank Stampfl T. Young PG ATL
10 Michael Waterloo R. Westbrook PG WAS
11 Adam Pfeifer L. James PG LAL
12 Dan Schneier K. Durant PF BKN
Round 2
Pos Team Player
13 Dan Schneier B. Beal SG WAS
14 Adam Pfeifer J. Embiid C PHI
15 Michael Waterloo S. Gilgeous-Alexander PG OKC
16 Frank Stampfl B. Simmons PG PHI
17 Jeff Edgerton D. Booker SG PHO
18 Juan Carlos Blanco K. Leonard SF LAC
19 Alex Rikleen J. Tatum PF BOS
20 Joe Polito K. Irving PG BKN
21 Aaron Bruski P. Siakam PF TOR
22 Nick Whalen P. George SG LAC
23 Chris Towers B. Adebayo C MIA
24 Alex Barutha N. Vucevic C ORL
Round 3
Pos Team Player
25 Alex Barutha D. Sabonis PF IND
26 Chris Towers D. Mitchell SG UTA
27 Nick Whalen J. Morant PG MEM
28 Aaron Bruski B. Ingram SF NO
29 Joe Polito J. Butler SF MIA
30 Alex Rikleen C. Paul PG PHO
31 Juan Carlos Blanco J. Holiday PG MIL
32 Jeff Edgerton D. Fox PG SAC
33 Frank Stampfl Z. Williamson PF NO
34 Michael Waterloo Z. LaVine SG CHI
35 Adam Pfeifer J. Murray PG DEN
36 Dan Schneier D. DeRozan SF SA
Round 4
Pos Team Player
37 Dan Schneier D. Russell SG MIN
38 Adam Pfeifer A. Drummond C CLE
39 Michael Waterloo J. Nurkic C POR
40 Frank Stampfl D. Ayton C PHO
41 Jeff Edgerton R. Gobert C UTA
42 Juan Carlos Blanco J. Collins PF ATL
43 Alex Rikleen G. Hayward SF CHA
44 Joe Polito J. Jackson Jr. PF MEM
45 Aaron Bruski T. Harris PF PHI
46 Nick Whalen F. VanVleet SG TOR
47 Chris Towers K. Lowry PG TOR
48 Alex Barutha K. Middleton SF MIL
Round 5
Pos Team Player
49 Alex Barutha C. McCollum SG POR
50 Chris Towers L. Aldridge PF SA
51 Nick Whalen J. Brown SF BOS
52 Aaron Bruski M. Brogdon PG IND
53 Joe Polito R. Covington SF POR
54 Alex Rikleen C. Wood PF HOU
55 Juan Carlos Blanco K. Porzingis C DAL
56 Jeff Edgerton B. Griffin PF DET
57 Frank Stampfl M. Porter Jr. SF DEN
58 Michael Waterloo K. Oubre Jr. SF GS
59 Adam Pfeifer L. Ball PG NO
60 Dan Schneier K. Love PF CLE
Round 6
Pos Team Player
61 Dan Schneier O. Toppin SF NY
62 Adam Pfeifer J. Randle PF NY
63 Michael Waterloo C. White PG CHI
64 Frank Stampfl C. Sexton SG CLE
65 Jeff Edgerton J. Valanciunas C MEM
66 Juan Carlos Blanco R. Barrett SG NY
67 Alex Rikleen J. Wall PG HOU
68 Joe Polito B. Clarke PF MEM
69 Aaron Bruski K. Walker PG BOS
70 Nick Whalen M. Turner C IND
71 Chris Towers M. Conley PG UTA
72 Alex Barutha D. Green PF GS
Round 7
Pos Team Player
73 Alex Barutha V. Oladipo SG HOU
74 Chris Towers L. Ball PG CHA
75 Nick Whalen B. Hield SG SAC
76 Aaron Bruski M. Fultz PG ORL
77 Joe Polito L. Markkanen PF CHI
78 Alex Rikleen A. Horford C OKC
79 Juan Carlos Blanco C. Capela C ATL
80 Jeff Edgerton A. Gordon PF ORL
81 Frank Stampfl T. Herro SG MIA
82 Michael Waterloo O. Anunoby SF TOR
83 Adam Pfeifer D. Murray PG SA
84 Dan Schneier E. Bledsoe SG NO
Round 8
Pos Team Player
85 Dan Schneier D. Gallinari PF ATL
86 Adam Pfeifer A. Wiggins SG GS
87 Michael Waterloo T. Warren SF IND
88 Frank Stampfl T. Bryant C WAS
89 Jeff Edgerton B. Bogdanovic SF UTA
90 Juan Carlos Blanco M. Harrell C LAL
91 Alex Rikleen M. Smart SG BOS
92 Joe Polito D. Robinson SG MIA
93 Aaron Bruski C. LeVert SG IND
94 Nick Whalen D. Graham PG CHA
95 Chris Towers R. Rubio PG MIN
96 Alex Barutha M. Bagley III PF SAC
Round 9
Pos Team Player
97 Alex Barutha D. Schroder SG LAL
98 Chris Towers R. Hachimura PF WAS
99 Nick Whalen D. Cousins C HOU
100 Aaron Bruski S. Adams C NO
101 Joe Polito R. Holmes C SAC
102 Alex Rikleen I. Okoro SF CLE
103 Juan Carlos Blanco G. Dragic PG MIA
104 Jeff Edgerton E. Fournier SG ORL
105 Frank Stampfl D. Garland PG CLE
106 Michael Waterloo P. Washington PF CHA
107 Adam Pfeifer S. Ibaka C LAC
108 Dan Schneier L. Williams PG LAC
Round 10
Pos Team Player
109 Dan Schneier D. Bertans SF WAS
110 Adam Pfeifer T. Haliburton PG SAC
111 Michael Waterloo M. Bridges SF PHO
112 Frank Stampfl K. Hayes PG DET
113 Jeff Edgerton E. Payton PG NY
114 Juan Carlos Blanco S. Dinwiddie PG BKN
115 Alex Rikleen D. Rose PG DET
116 Joe Polito B. Bogdanovic SF ATL
117 Aaron Bruski J. Allen C CLE
118 Nick Whalen J. Richardson SF DAL
119 Chris Towers J. Wiseman C GS
120 Alex Barutha W. Carter Jr. C CHI
Round 11
Pos Team Player
121 Alex Barutha O. Porter Jr. SF CHI
122 Chris Towers W. Barton SF DEN
123 Nick Whalen M. Beasley SF MIN
124 Aaron Bruski J. Grant SF DET
125 Joe Polito D. Bazley PF OKC
126 Alex Rikleen T. Rozier SG CHA
127 Juan Carlos Blanco M. Robinson C NY
128 Jeff Edgerton A. Edwards SF MIN
129 Frank Stampfl D. White SG SA
130 Michael Waterloo S. Curry SG PHI
131 Adam Pfeifer L. Nance Jr. PF CLE
132 Dan Schneier H. Whiteside C SAC
Round 12
Pos Team Player
133 Dan Schneier E. Gordon SF HOU
134 Adam Pfeifer J. Ingles SF UTA
135 Michael Waterloo P. Williams PF CHI
136 Frank Stampfl J. Teague PG BOS
137 Jeff Edgerton T. Hardaway Jr. SG DAL
138 Juan Carlos Blanco H. Barnes SF SAC
139 Alex Rikleen N. Powell SF TOR
140 Joe Polito D. DiVincenzo SG MIL
141 Aaron Bruski C. Reddish SG ATL
142 Nick Whalen M. Plumlee C DET
143 Chris Towers M. Bridges PF CHA
144 Alex Barutha J. Hart SF NO
Round 13
Pos Team Player
145 Alex Barutha G. Harris SG DEN
146 Chris Towers J. Winslow SF MEM
147 Nick Whalen A. Holiday PG IND
148 Aaron Bruski J. Redick SG NO
149 Joe Polito B. Lopez C MIL
150 Alex Rikleen R. Williams III C BOS
151 Juan Carlos Blanco D. Hunter SF ATL
152 Jeff Edgerton C. Johnson SF PHO
153 Frank Stampfl L. Walker IV SG SA
154 Michael Waterloo D. Vassell SF SA
155 Adam Pfeifer C. Boucher C TOR
156 Dan Schneier T. Horton-Tucker SG LAL
Round 14
Pos Team Player
157 Dan Schneier T. Satoransky PG CHI
158 Adam Pfeifer J. Harris SF BKN
159 Michael Waterloo B. Bol PF DEN
160 Frank Stampfl I. Quickley SG NY
161 Jeff Edgerton D. Brooks SG MEM
162 Juan Carlos Blanco K. Kuzma PF LAL
163 Alex Rikleen G. Trent Jr. SG POR
164 Joe Polito A. Burks SG NY
165 Aaron Bruski J. Clarkson SG UTA
166 Nick Whalen C. Anthony PG ORL
167 Chris Towers C. Anthony PF POR
168 Alex Barutha P. Millsap PF DEN
Team by Team
Alex Barutha
Rd Pk Player
1 1 G. Antetokounmpo PF MIL
2 24 N. Vucevic C ORL
3 25 D. Sabonis PF IND
4 48 K. Middleton SF MIL
5 49 C. McCollum SG POR
6 72 D. Green PF GS
7 73 V. Oladipo SG HOU
8 96 M. Bagley III PF SAC
9 97 D. Schroder SG LAL
10 120 W. Carter Jr. C CHI
11 121 O. Porter Jr. SF CHI
12 144 J. Hart SF NO
13 145 G. Harris SG DEN
14 168 P. Millsap PF DEN
Chris Towers
Rd Pk Player
1 2 L. Doncic PG DAL
2 23 B. Adebayo C MIA
3 26 D. Mitchell SG UTA
4 47 K. Lowry PG TOR
5 50 L. Aldridge PF SA
6 71 M. Conley PG UTA
7 74 L. Ball PG CHA
8 95 R. Rubio PG MIN
9 98 R. Hachimura PF WAS
10 119 J. Wiseman C GS
11 122 W. Barton SF DEN
12 143 M. Bridges PF CHA
13 146 J. Winslow SF MEM
14 167 C. Anthony PF POR
Nick Whalen
Rd Pk Player
1 3 A. Davis PF LAL
2 22 P. George SG LAC
3 27 J. Morant PG MEM
4 46 F. VanVleet SG TOR
5 51 J. Brown SF BOS
6 70 M. Turner C IND
7 75 B. Hield SG SAC
8 94 D. Graham PG CHA
9 99 D. Cousins C HOU
10 118 J. Richardson SF DAL
11 123 M. Beasley SF MIN
12 142 M. Plumlee C DET
13 147 A. Holiday PG IND
14 166 C. Anthony PG ORL
Aaron Bruski
Rd Pk Player
1 4 J. Harden SG BKN
2 21 P. Siakam PF TOR
3 28 B. Ingram SF NO
4 45 T. Harris PF PHI
5 52 M. Brogdon PG IND
6 69 K. Walker PG BOS
7 76 M. Fultz PG ORL
8 93 C. LeVert SG IND
9 100 S. Adams C NO
10 117 J. Allen C CLE
11 124 J. Grant SF DET
12 141 C. Reddish SG ATL
13 148 J. Redick SG NO
14 165 J. Clarkson SG UTA
Joe Polito
Rd Pk Player
1 5 N. Jokic C DEN
2 20 K. Irving PG BKN
3 29 J. Butler SF MIA
4 44 J. Jackson Jr. PF MEM
5 53 R. Covington SF POR
6 68 B. Clarke PF MEM
7 77 L. Markkanen PF CHI
8 92 D. Robinson SG MIA
9 101 R. Holmes C SAC
10 116 B. Bogdanovic SF ATL
11 125 D. Bazley PF OKC
12 140 D. DiVincenzo SG MIL
13 149 B. Lopez C MIL
14 164 A. Burks SG NY
Alex Rikleen
Rd Pk Player
1 6 S. Curry PG GS
2 19 J. Tatum PF BOS
3 30 C. Paul PG PHO
4 43 G. Hayward SF CHA
5 54 C. Wood PF HOU
6 67 J. Wall PG HOU
7 78 A. Horford C OKC
8 91 M. Smart SG BOS
9 102 I. Okoro SF CLE
10 115 D. Rose PG DET
11 126 T. Rozier SG CHA
12 139 N. Powell SF TOR
13 150 R. Williams III C BOS
14 163 G. Trent Jr. SG POR
Juan Carlos Blanco
Rd Pk Player
1 7 D. Lillard PG POR
2 18 K. Leonard SF LAC
3 31 J. Holiday PG MIL
4 42 J. Collins PF ATL
5 55 K. Porzingis C DAL
6 66 R. Barrett SG NY
7 79 C. Capela C ATL
8 90 M. Harrell C LAL
9 103 G. Dragic PG MIA
10 114 S. Dinwiddie PG BKN
11 127 M. Robinson C NY
12 138 H. Barnes SF SAC
13 151 D. Hunter SF ATL
14 162 K. Kuzma PF LAL
Jeff Edgerton
Rd Pk Player
1 8 K. Towns C MIN
2 17 D. Booker SG PHO
3 32 D. Fox PG SAC
4 41 R. Gobert C UTA
5 56 B. Griffin PF DET
6 65 J. Valanciunas C MEM
7 80 A. Gordon PF ORL
8 89 B. Bogdanovic SF UTA
9 104 E. Fournier SG ORL
10 113 E. Payton PG NY
11 128 A. Edwards SF MIN
12 137 T. Hardaway Jr. SG DAL
13 152 C. Johnson SF PHO
14 161 D. Brooks SG MEM
Frank Stampfl
Rd Pk Player
1 9 T. Young PG ATL
2 16 B. Simmons PG PHI
3 33 Z. Williamson PF NO
4 40 D. Ayton C PHO
5 57 M. Porter Jr. SF DEN
6 64 C. Sexton SG CLE
7 81 T. Herro SG MIA
8 88 T. Bryant C WAS
9 105 D. Garland PG CLE
10 112 K. Hayes PG DET
11 129 D. White SG SA
12 136 J. Teague PG BOS
13 153 L. Walker IV SG SA
14 160 I. Quickley SG NY
Michael Waterloo
Rd Pk Player
1 10 R. Westbrook PG WAS
2 15 S. Gilgeous-Alexander PG OKC
3 34 Z. LaVine SG CHI
4 39 J. Nurkic C POR
5 58 K. Oubre Jr. SF GS
6 63 C. White PG CHI
7 82 O. Anunoby SF TOR
8 87 T. Warren SF IND
9 106 P. Washington PF CHA
10 111 M. Bridges SF PHO
11 130 S. Curry SG PHI
12 135 P. Williams PF CHI
13 154 D. Vassell SF SA
14 159 B. Bol PF DEN
Adam Pfeifer
Rd Pk Player
1 11 L. James PG LAL
2 14 J. Embiid C PHI
3 35 J. Murray PG DEN
4 38 A. Drummond C CLE
5 59 L. Ball PG NO
6 62 J. Randle PF NY
7 83 D. Murray PG SA
8 86 A. Wiggins SG GS
9 107 S. Ibaka C LAC
10 110 T. Haliburton PG SAC
11 131 L. Nance Jr. PF CLE
12 134 J. Ingles SF UTA
13 155 C. Boucher C TOR
14 158 J. Harris SF BKN
Dan Schneier
Rd Pk Player
1 12 K. Durant PF BKN
2 13 B. Beal SG WAS
3 36 D. DeRozan SF SA
4 37 D. Russell SG MIN
5 60 K. Love PF CLE
6 61 O. Toppin SF NY
7 84 E. Bledsoe SG NO
8 85 D. Gallinari PF ATL
9 108 L. Williams PG LAC
10 109 D. Bertans SF WAS
11 132 H. Whiteside C SAC
12 133 E. Gordon SF HOU
13 156 T. Horton-Tucker SG LAL
14 157 T. Satoransky PG CHI