Gary A. Vasquez (USA Today)

When you're drafting for a H2H points league in Fantasy basketball, you don't need to worry about percentages. You don't need to worry about 3-pointers, either. And you don't need to worry too much about turnovers or defensive specialists. What matters is building out a team that can rack up Fantasy points in big numbers. 

In a standard CBS Fantasy points league, points, rebounds, blocks, and steals are worth one point, while assists are worth two, and you lose one for a turnover. Maybe you prefer the Roto scoring format, which allows for a lot more variation in team building and maybe requires a bit more finesse; if you draft Luka Doncic in Roto, for example, his 4.3 turnovers per game and middling free-throw percentage on a huge volume mean you have to be careful building your roster with those two things in mind. 

In a points league, you don't really care about those things, because Doncic is such a high-volume producer, finishing fourth in points per game last season. That's not to say he isn't an elite player in any scoring format, because he obviously is, but it's a lot easier to build your team around a Doncic or Giannis Antetokounmpo, because their limitations don't matter nearly as much. 

That usually means the top of a points league draft is usually going to be a bit more predictable, though that may not be the case for the 2020-21 season. Given the condense schedule and shortened offseason, it's fair to wonder how veterans like LeBron James are going to be used -- load management games will be even more prevalent this season. And guys like James Harden -- who is demanding a trade from Houston, which could complicate his usage -- or Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant -- who are coming back from injuries and playing on almost entirely new rosters -- have bigger question marks than we'd like to be dealing with. . 

All of those players mentioned so far still went inside the first round in our H2H points mock draft except for Irving, who lasted until pick 20 and could end up a big value for CBS Sports' Joe Polito. You can find the results of this mock draft below, and you can use it as a reference when drafting your own team. Here's who took part:

  1. Alex Barutha,
  2. Chris Towers, CBS Fantasy
  3. Nick Whalen,
  4. Aaron Bruski,
  5. Joe Polito,
  6. Alex Rikleen,
  7. Juan Carlos Blanco,
  8. Jeff Edgerton,
  9. Frank Stampfl, CBS Fantasy
  10. Michael Waterloo, Fantasy Pros
  11. Adam Pfeifer, FTN Fantasy
  12. Dan Schneider,