DeMarco Murray had 93 yards and a touchdown on six carries in his first preseason game with the Titans. Derrick Henry had 74 yards and a touchdown on 10 carries.

Fantasy owners see those stat lines and their minds are off to the races -- kind of like how Murray and Henry were off to the races against the Chargers. Them and pretty much every other Titans running back -- even Bishop Sankey busted a long touchdown run.

So was it the Titans' "exotic smashmouth" run game, or just a bad night for the Chargers defense?

The answer is ... both.

Murray started and had two very nice runs -- a 15-yard edge run to start the game and a 71-yard scamper where great blocking and his own good vision broke him loose for a score. But both involved breakdowns by a Chargers defense missing/resting several starters. His other four carries were for three yards or fewer. Murray didn't look like the slug who was in Philly last year.

You could only imagine how bad things went for the Chargers once they rested even more players by the time a fresh and ready Henry hit the field. No slow tempo here -- the rookie's first four runs went for 6, 15, 16 and 9 yards, respectively.

He ran with consistent power, no hesitation and really good balance -- only once was he tackled behind the line and it was when Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan was whipped off the snap and a Chargers lineman made a play in the backfield.

With all of the Titans starters in, Murray and Henry played together for a few plays but otherwise Murray was exclusively on the field. Once Tennessee pulled Marcus Mariota, Murray's night was done and Henry's night was beginning. It's a pretty strong hint of what the Titans depth chart looks like.

It's too soon to jump to conclusions on the Titans and how they'll use their running backs. Obviously they'd love to ride both as much as possible, but that's a game plan that won't fly for 16 games. It might not fly for four games. And let's be real, the Titans won't run on a Chargers defense with a bunch of backups on the field every week either.

So let's just be happy Murray shook off the 2015 cobwebs, Henry mashed through a pro defense and the Titans O-line blocked mostly well.

Fantasy owners should feel more confident than ever drafting Murray in early Round 4 with Henry a must-add handcuff starting after 80th overall. That's where they were in my rankings before the game, and it's where they'll stay.

Let's see how they look in their upcoming games against the Panthers and Raiders before we crown them as Fantasy studs. Let others overrate them based on one game against backups.