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If you're smart, you won't be drafting until this weekend. Ask anyone who drafted before the third week of the preseason how stressful it can be to watch your studs playing meaningless football, and they'll tell you they wish they waited until all the games are done and the players are safely sent to the sidelines until the games matter.

As you get ready for your draft, a key part of the Fantasy teambuilding process is coming up with a name. Even if you have drafted, there is still time to come up with a name fitting a Fantasy championship contender. With that in mind, here are the 50 most popular Fantasy team names this preseason, on 

It should come as little surprise to see that Game of Thrones-related names dominate the field. You'll also find plenty of Game of Thrones names on our suggested team names list, along with plenty of other references. 

Winning is the only thing that matters, but you want style points when you dominate your competition. Make sure your team name is the envy of your league.

The 50 most common team names on

1. A Team Has No Name
2. Dak To The Future
3. The Juice Is Loose
4. Game of Jones
5. Prestige Worldwide
6. Balls Deep
7. Bend The Knee
8. Fire And Fury
9. Laces Out
10. Baby Got Dak
11. Victorious Secret
12. Cobra Kai
13. Steel Curtain
14. Orange Crush
15. Beast Mode
16. Dracarys
17. Discount Belichick
18. Brady Gaga
19. Make Americarr Great Again
20. Free Zeke
21. Turn Down For Watt
22. America's Team
23. Dirty Birds
24. Forgetting Brandon Marshall
25. King of the North
26. Make America Gronk Again
27. Big Blue
28. The Big Gronkowski
29. Beginner's Luck
30. Trust The PRocess
31. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
32. Le'Veon A Prayer
33. Show Me The Money
34. Bad Hombres
35. Cowboys
36. Big Baller Brand
37. Mean Machine
38. Doomsday
39. Golden Tate Warriors
40. Bye Week
41. Pickle Rick
42. The Replacements
43. Any Given Sunday
44. Killer B's
45. Winter Is Coming
46. Fake News
47. Zeke And Destroy
48. Suicide Squad
49. Da Bears
50. Purple Reign