During Tuesday's All-Star Game, a series of old tweets from Milwaukee reliever Josh Hader surfaced that were racist, homophobic, or otherwise insensitive in nature.

Hader addressed the tweets after the game and told reporters he plans on apologizing to his teammates. On Wednesday, his employers, the Milwaukee Brewers and Major League Baseball, released statements. Here's the Brewers:

Based on that release, it doesn't seem like the Brewers intend to punish Hader. MLB won't either beyond having him attend sensitivity training and partake in the league's diversity and inclusion programs, per its statement:

"During last night's game we became aware of Mr. Hader's unacceptable social media comments in years past and have since been in communication with the Brewers regarding our shared concerns.  After the game, Mr. Hader took the necessary step of expressing remorse for his highly offensive and hurtful language, which fails to represent the values of our game and our expectations for all those who are a part of it.  The Office of the Commissioner will require sensitivity training for Mr. Hader and participation in MLB's diversity and inclusion initiatives."

This is a departure from the norm from MLB in recent years. As the league has taken steps toward fostering a more inclusive environment, they've handed out suspensions to players who have uttered homophobic slurs or made racist gestures on the field. Earlier in the season, the Detroit Tigers fired pitching coach Chris Bosio after he made an insensitive remark toward a team employee. It would seem like the league is making an exception for Hader due to his tweets being made years ago rather than in the present.

The Brewers will begin the second half Friday with a series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.