Now that we're into February with a large contingent of productive Major League Baseball players still sitting as unsigned free agents, the heat has been turned up from the player and agent end. Throughout Friday, we've seen several agents release statements (including this very strongly-worded one) and heard about the players possibly waiting until the last day of spring training to report to camp in a show of solidarity

Now, the MLB Players Association executive director Tony Clark has released a statement. Here it is: 

The text: 

"For decades free agency has been the cornerstone of baseball's economic system and has benefited Players and the game alike. Each time it has been attacked, Players, their representatives and the Association have united to defend it. That will never change."  - Tony Clark

I guess he didn't feel like it was his place to go all hellfire and brimstone, but that's awfully vague and doesn't seem too strong. Keep in mind, it doesn't matter where you stand on the issues here when it comes to Clark's job. He's supposed to be leading their union. We've heard from agents on Friday who say the players are "outraged," and Clark's statement says they are "united" to "defend" the economic system? That's it? 

We've already seen Brandon Moss say this is all the fault of the players, and I don't disagree. In this arena, making sure the owners don't pull one over on the players in CBA discussions is on the MLBPA and Clark is the top man there. It's hard to see the group of 30 owners quaking in their proverbial boots at the statement Clark just put out, either.