For reasons sufficient unto themselves, the Chargers, who play tackle football, are relocating to Los Angeles after more than half a century in San Diego. This, of course, means the Padres are now San Diego's only major professional sports team.

So out of a sense of civic duty, the Padres are here to help when it comes to your now-despised Chargers swag. Here's the relevant excerpt from an story about the Feb. 11 "Celebrate San Diego" hootenanny at Petco Park ...

Those who would like to donate their Chargers apparel in good condition will be able to exchange one piece of Chargers clothing or a Chargers hat for a $25 credit to the Padres Majestic Team Store good through May 4, 2017.This offer is good for one (1) Chargers item exchanged for one (1) store credit per adult (ages 18 and older). Multiple exchange locations will be open in the Park at the Park, but guests are encouraged to line up early to minimize wait times. The Padres will distribute donated clothing items to charitable partners that support our neighbors in need.

Hey, 25 bucks of wholesome and restorative baseball stuff for obsolete football textiles? That's not bad. Is it worth losing your NFL team for $25 of baseball stuff? Absolutely, is the answer.

Anyhow, take advantage of this opportunity, woebegone Chargers rooters. You get Padres stuff and help those in need. Everybody wins, except Los Angeles.

(Wink of CBS eye: The Score)