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As the 2023 NBA Draft approaches, former Alabama star Brandon Miller has called out NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets outgoing owner Michael Jordan. During a pre-draft interview on Sirius XM, Miller showed he was not intimidated by Jordan while working out for the Hornets.

Miller said he didn't feel much pressure while working out in front of Jordan. Miller, who already named Paul George his basketball GOAT, said he didn't grow up idolizing Jordan. One thing Miller did admire about Jordan was his trash talk game.

"Working out in front of Michael Jordan, I think a lot of people would think I feel pressure because he was Michael Jordan, but Michael Jordan was never the guy I grew up watching" Miller said. "I kind of grew up watching Paul George, so I think Michael Jordan is just a regular guy to me in the gym watching me work out. It was definitely cool meeting him. He definitely sounds like how he sounds on TV, always trash talking, so I just had a really fun time with him."

Miller said Jordan taunted him about just being a one-trick pony, but he let that comment roll off his back. Then Miller dropped a real bomb: Jordan airballed a free throw during Miller's visit to Charlotte.

"He told me I was just a shooter," Miller said. "I was just shooting threes. ... I know my talents and my abilities. Can't really let Jordan get in your head. It might make him feel good and make you feel bad. I kind of talked some trash back to him. I witnessed him airball a free throw too. I always have that up against him."

When asked to explain Jordan's miss, Miller seized the opportunity to take another shot at the six-time NBA champ.

"It was him just being old," Miller said.

In the weeks leading up to the draft, the Hornets were projected to take Miller with the No. 2 overall pick. Just hours before the draft on Thursday afternoon, Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that Charlotte was leaning toward selecting Scoot Henderson.

That rumor was reflected in the latest CBS Sports mock draft, which has Miller going to the Portland Trail Blazers at No. 3 overall.