Philadelphia 76ers second-year guard Markelle Fultz is no longer on speaking terms with his former trainer Drew Hanlen, according to Alex Kennedy of Hoops Hype. 

From Kennedy: 

"Markelle Fultz and Drew Hanlen are no longer working together or on speaking terms, according to league sources. No word on why the two parted ways, but their relationship deteriorated about three weeks ago. Prior to this falling out, Fultz spent the summer training with Hanlen." 

Fultz worked with Hanlen during the offseason following his rookie campaign in which the University of Washington product was hampered by a shoulder injury that resulted in a collapse of shooting form and on-court confidence. The two spent the summer getting up thousands and thousands of shots a day in hopes of returning Fultz's form to its pre-Sixers state. 

"This summer was one of my most hard-working summers," Fultz said at Sixers media day in September. "Everybody knows what happened last year, so this summer was really just me working to get my mechanics back, my confidence back, my swagger back. It was a very productive summer.

"I had a lot of motivation going into the summer. Last year I had an injury that stopped me from being myself a hundred percent… I'm very confident going into the season."

After a somewhat solid shooting start to the season, Fultz has seemingly regressed recently, and his form hit an all-time low on Monday night, as he pumped faked a free-throw against the Miami Heat

Fultz has recently taken exception to a couple things that Hanlen has said. Over the summer, Hanlen described Fultz as having a bad case of "the yips"; something that the guard categorically denied. 

"I think it was a mis-term in words, but me and Drew have talked," Fultz said. "What happened last year was an injury. Let me get that straight. It was an injury that happened that didn't allow me to go through the certain paths that I needed to, to shoot the ball.

Just like any normal person, when you're used to doing something the same way each and every day and something happens, of course, you're going to start thinking about it. It's just normal."

Earlier this month, Hanlen tweeted - and then deleted - a message that said that Fultz is still "not healthy." 

Clearly, something went sour between Fultz and Hanlen, and it likely has something to do with the former's continued shooting struggles. On the season, Fultz is shooting just 41% from the field, 30% from three, and 57% from the foul line.