Josh Hart's new coach may be 45 years old with an emphasis on analytics and very little big-game basketball experience, but that doesn't mean the Los Angeles Lakers youngster is a fan of those kinds of people.

Recently appearing on "The No Chill Podcast," hosted by former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, the 24-year-old guard had no chill while criticizing media who've never played professionally, calling out those "who've never hooped before" but use "analytics and bulls--t" to analyze the game.

Hart may have had a valid point buried within the criticism, because there are certainly media who loudly proclaim opinions for the sake of simply inciting debate. But was he right to lump all "non-athletes" into the mix? Or to throw shade at analytics?

On Thursday's "Off The Bench" podcast, former NFL quarterback Danny Kanell and guest host Tommy Tran tried to answer just that.

Kanell shared his perspective as a former professional athlete, while Tran offered the view of someone without pro experience. Danny admitted that he once shared some of Hart's takes, especially while still playing, but said he's come to realize, after leaving the game, that judging those who've never personally played is a disservice to sports talk.

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