Kevin Durant is going to the Golden State Warriors and that means restricted free agent Harrison Barnes won't be restricted for much longer. The Warriors will need to renounce his free agent rights, which will make him an unrestricted free agent and free to sign anywhere with the cap space to grab him. This is finally some good news for the Dallas Mavericks, who have had a tough time this offseason getting the guys they've targeted.

Not this time.

Marc Stein of ESPN is reporting the Warriors will in fact renounce his rights and Dallas has agreed to a four-year deal worth $94 million for Barnes.

The Mavs missed out on Hassan Whiteside. They missed out on Chandler Parsons and Mike Conley. They didn't miss out on Barnes. This could be the best play for him, too.

Adding Barnes to the mix will help the Mavs add a quality shooter and defender. He can also be someone interested in showing off more of an offensive game that he had a reputation for in high school and college. His opportunities to be that guy haven't been emphasized in his time with the Warriors, and receiving this contract can possibly put pressure on him and the team justifying the contract with offensive production.

Either way, Barnes and Durant are looking at new opportunities for themselves.

Harrison Barnes is set for a huge payday. USATSI