The Knicks and Rockets have been closely linked to a deal involving Carmelo Anthony all summer long. With Anthony having a no-trade clause in his contract, he can control his destination, and the only team he wants to play for is Houston. The Rockets and Knicks have so far struggled to get additional teams that can help make the deal work.

As a result, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, talks between Houston and New York have become "dormant" as of late despite the two sides re-igniting those talks recently. With no deal in sight, Anthony and the Knicks have accepted that they will be together once again at training camp.

"Carmelo Anthony right now, those talks have been fairly dormant between Houston and New York. The Rockets have tried to find third, fourth teams to help facilitate a deal with Carmelo Anthony. They haven't been able to do that. Both sides are prepared for the fact that Melo may have to go to camp."

Houston, in many ways, doesn't need Anthony if it wants to compete in the Western Conference. They made the conference semifinals last season with only James Harden and the Rockets used this summer to add Chris Paul next to him. Anthony would certainly help them, but they aren't in dire need of him. This gives them a lot of leverage in trade talks, but it sounds like it's on them to find a third or fourth team.

The Knicks, on the other hand, are once again stuck with a player that they don't seem to want around. Anthony has become disgruntled over the last few seasons with former president Phil Jackson getting involved in a very public feud with Anthony. The relationship feels beyond repair at this point, but with Anthony's insistence on playing in Houston the two sides are going to have to make it work for now.