Draymond Green may be an All-Star but don't expect the Bay Area-based alt-rock band Smash Mouth to be singing any odes to him anytime soon.

The band took to Twitter on Saturday to complain about Green's actions in Golden State's epic 128-119 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday:

Screen shot via @anthonyVslater

Smash Mouth's problem with Green is because of his angry and animated lecturing of Kevin Durant against the Grizzlies. Green was incensed by Durant's hijacking of the offense in a key possession in the fourth quarter against Memphis, so he let him know about it, basically telling his teammate that's just not how the Warriors play. After the game, Durant said he agreed with his teammate and Green himself told reporters that he was happy about the loss as it will force the Warriors to work out their issues with close game execution.

Smash Mouth though felt much different than Durant and believed that Green should check himself. However, then the morning came, and the band deleted the tweets in what appears to be a clear sign of regret.

Despite their anger toward Green, the band (based on their Twitter account) are passionate Warriors fans and usually are always tweeting in support of Golden State. And the band has had Green's back before too, angrily tweeting at LeBron James after his confrontation with the Warriors big man in Game 4 of the NBA Finals:

Overall though, Smash Mouth may need to take the advice of their cover of War's Why Can't We Be Friends, and adopt a more friendly approach to their fandom.