After winning their latest championship on the road, the Golden State Warriors made their way back home to Oakland on Tuesday to celebrate the title with their fans. It was supposed to be a fun day filled with a parade and a few hours of soaking in an incredible achievement. 

Unfortunately, things got a little bit awkward early in the day. During a little Q&A session led by team broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald, Warriors GM Bob Myers took a little jab at Kevin Durant. When asked about putting together the team, the recent interview where Myers said Durant could have "whatever he wants" in terms of a contract came up. 

Myers joked that he just said that for the media, and Kerr chimed in that Durant could have a mid-level deal. Which, hey, pretty funny joke. But when Fitzgerald remarked that Myers had said something similar about Curry's new contract last season, Myers said it was different, because Curry had "earned it." And, well, that one didn't really feel like a joke -- even if people were laughing. 

The full exchange: 

Fitzgerald: I heard you tell Kevin Durant he can have whatever contract he wants next year. 

Myers: Yeah, that was just for the media, he can't have--

Kerr: Mid-level [contract].

Myers: Yeah, mid-level. 

Fitzgerald: Because last year you told Steph he could have any contract he wants too.

Myers: Yeah, well that was different. He's been here from the way before days. He's earned it. 

Crowd: Ooohhh

Fitzgerald: And there ended the Warriors' cohesion right there. 

Well, that was awkward. There's been a weird vibe with Durant and the Warriors ever since they added him two summers ago, and moments like this sure aren't going to help make things smoother. 

But in the end, money and a desire to win championships usually trumps everything else, and Durant will most likely re-up with the Warriors and help them win another title next season.