You can never go home again.

After Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant had words in the third quarter of the Warriors-Thunder game Saturday night, Andre Roberson gave Durant a pretty normal hard foul. But Durant took exception, Roberson had words for him, and a ruckus broke out. A fracas, if you will.

The two went nose to nose, literally.

Seemed like a pretty innocuous foul, but then, with the emotion in this game, hard to blame Durant for getting fired up. Give Roberson credit for not backing down; just because Durant is a superstar and Roberson is a role player, no reason for Roberson to back down to Durant.

Durant, on the other hand, seemed emotional throughout the game, as if the moment was weighing on him. Then again, he was brilliant, with 27 points and eight rebounds through three quarters alone.

Golden State dominated despite the efforts and energy from the OKC crowd and a pretty good game from the Thunder. That's kind of the gap that happens when one team loses the second-best player in the league and the other team gets him.