INDIANAPOLIS -- Utah State quarterback Jordan Love has received comparisons to Patrick Mahomes, which has no doubt improved his stock. Love has supported those comparisons by measuring in at an ideal height and weight while also performing at a high level during the other drills. Love has improved his stock as much as anyone in recent months.

Here are our takeaways about what the quarterback workouts mean.

Quarterback workouts

Kelly Bryant6-3 1/82299 4/8"78"4.6935"125"7.33
Joe Burrow6-3 4/82219"74"--------
Kevin Davidson6-4 1/82248 2/8"75"5.00----7.13
Jacob Eason6-5 7/82319 4/8"79"4.8927.5"110"7.50
Jake Fromm6-1 7/82198 7/8"75"5.0130"111"7.27
Anthony Gordon6-2 3/82059 6/8"73"--------
Justin Herbert6-6 2/823610"78 7/8"4.6835.5"123"7.06
Jalen Hurts6-12229 6/8"77 5/8"4.5935"125"--
Brian Lewerke6-2 4/821310 5/8"75 4/8"4.95----7.14
Jordan Love6-3 6/822410 4/8"80"4.7435.5"118"7.21
Jake Luton6-6 1/822410 3/8"77 5/8"--------
Cole McDonald6-3 1/82159 6/8"76 6/8"4.5836"121"7.13
Steven Montez6-42319 3/8"76 7/8"4.6833"117"7.25
James Morgan6-42299 6/8"79"4.8929"112"7.51
Shea Patterson6-0 7/82129 3/8"73 4/8"4.7131"116"7.14
Nate Stanley6-3 6/823510"78 2/8"4.8128.5"108"7.26
Tua Tagovailoa6-021710"75 2/8"--------

Quarterback winners

Jordan Love, Utah State. Love was already impressive with his arm angles and improvisation skills and his workout only added to the hype. His arm strength would challenge the best in this class. Teams will want answers for why his production dipped so much in 2019; he has to maintain his composure when his team is trailing.

Justin Herbert, Oregon. Herbert had another great day. He tested well. There have never been any concerns about his arm talent, but he will have to show that his inaccuracy was correlated to an offensive scheme unfit for his style of play.

Cole McDonald, Hawaii. McDonald was really inconsistent for the Rainbow Warriors, but there are a lot of tools that can be developed. He has great arm talent and the athleticism to match; McDonald finished in the top three of nearly every category. 

Quarterback losers

Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama. Tagovailoa did not perform in on-field workouts Thursday so his stock has not dipped. The reason he is listed as a 'loser' is because other top quarterbacks like Jordan Love and Justin Herbert helped their respective cases. If there is any concern over Tagovailoa's medicals, then it would not be a surprise to see him overtaken by one or both of those other players.