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The 2021 NFL Draft had a predictable start, with quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson being the first two players selected. Things quickly got murky after that, however, as several teams went against the grain to take players who hey hope can make immediate impacts this season. 

Equally unexpected was that the first trade of the 2021 draft was between division rivals, as the Eagles traded up with the Cowboys to acquire the 10th overall pick. The Bears then traded up with the Giants to take former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Day 2 began with a flurry of trades that included six in the second round alone. 

Below, you'll find details for every deal that took place during the 2021 NFL Draft, followed by a look at every pick in the top 100 that was traded before the draft.

Round 1

Team                                                                      Assets Received

Eagles                                                                     No. 10 (WR D. Smith)

Cowboys                                                                No. 12 (LB M. Parsons), No. 84 (DE C. Golston)
Team                                                                      Assets Received 
Bears                                                No. 11 (QB J. Fields)

Giants                                 No. 20 (WR K. Toney), No. 164 (traded to DEN), 2022 1st, 2022 4th

Team                                                                     Assets Received 

Jets                                                                      No. 14 (OL A. Vera-Tucker), No. 143 (traded to LV)

Vikings                              No. 23 (OT C. Darrisaw), No. 66 (QB K. Mond) No. 86 (G W. Davis)

Round 2

Team                                                                        Assets Received

Broncos                                                                 No. 35 (RB J. Williams), No. 219 (WR S. Williams)

Falcons                                                                 No. 40 (S R. Grant), No. 114 (C D. Dalman) 

Team                                                                  Assets Received

Patriots                                                          No. 38 (DT C. Barmore)

Bengals                                                         No. 46 (OT J. Carman), No. 122 (DT T. Shelvin),                                                                                                                    No. 139 (OT D. Smith)

Team                                                                Assets Received

Bears                                                               No. 39 (OT T. Jenkins), No. 151 (G L. Borom)

Panthers                               No. 52 (traded to CLE), No. 83 (TE T. Tremble), No. 204 (WR S. Smith)

Team                                                               Assets Received

Dolphins                                                      No. 42 (OL L. Eichenberg)

Giants                                                         No. 50 (OLB A. Ojulari), 2022 3rd

Team                                                                 Assets Received

Raiders                                                             No. 43 (S T. Moehrig), No. 230

49ers                                                                 No. 48 (OG A. Banks), No. 121 (EDGE J. Smith)

Team                                                                Assets Received

Browns                                            No. 52 (LB J. Owusu-Koramoah), No. 113 (traded to DET)

Panthers                                          No. 59 (WR T. Marshall), No. 89 (traded to HOU)

Round 3

Team                                                                Assets Received 

Giants                                                             No. 71 (CB A. Robinson)

Broncos                                                          No. 76 (traded to NO), No. 164 (S J. Johnson)

Team                                                                  Assets Received 

Saints                                                             No. 76 (CB P. Adebo)

Broncos                                                   No. 98 (G Q. Meinerz), No. 105 (LB B. Browning)

Team                                                                Assets Received 

Packers                                                     No. 85 (WR A. Rodgers)

Titans                                                        No. 92 (ILB M. Rice), No. 135 (DE R. Weaver)

Teams                                                           Assets Received

49ers                                                             No. 88 (RB T. Sermon)

Rams                                                             No. 117 (DT B. Brown), No. 121 (traded to JAC)

Team                                                            Assets Received

Texans                                                         No. 89 (WR N. Collins)

Panthers                                                      No. 109 (traded to TEN), No. 158 (DT D. Nixon), 2022 4th

Round 4

TeamAssets Received


No. 109 (WR D. Fitzpatrick)


No. 126 (RB C. Hubbard), No. 166 (CB K. Taylor), No. 232 (DT P. Hoskins)

TeamAssets Received


No. 113 (LB D. Barnes), No. 257 (RB J. Jefferson)


No. 153 (ILB T. Fields II), 2022 4th

TeamAssets Received


No. 121 (EDGE J. Smith), No. 209 (WR J. Camp)


No. 130 (CB R. Rochell), No. 170 (traded to HOU), No. 249 (WR B. Skowronek)

TeamAssets Received


No. 129 (WR J. Darden)


No. 137 (CB T. Brown), No. 217 (traded to CHI)

TeamAssets Received


No. 143 (S T. Gillespie)


No. 162 (traded to KC), No. 200 (CB B. Echols)

Round 5

Team Assets Received


No. 156 (DE I. Loudermilk)


2022 4th

TeamAssets Received


No. 162 (TE N. Gray), No. 226 (G T. Smith)


No. 175 (CB J. Pinnock), No. 207 (DT J. Marshall)

TeamAssets Received


No. 170 (LB G. Wallow)


No. 174 (DE E. Brown), No. 233 (RB J. Funk)

Round 6

TeamAssets Received


No. 225 (LS C. Cheeseman), No. 240 (EDGE W. Bradley-King)


2022 5th

TeamAssets Received


No. 206 (OT L. Young)


No. 218 (QB S. Ehlinger), No. 229 (WR M. Strachan)

TeamAssets Received


No. 208 (OT S. Forsythe)


No. 217 (RB K. Herbert), No. 250 (DT K. Tonga)

Pre-draft trades involving top 100 picks

  • No. 3 acquired by the 49ers as part of the Dolphins' Larry Tunsil trade with Texans 
  • No. 6 acquired by the Dolphins from the Eagles 
  • No. 12 acquired by the Eagles from the 49ers
  • No. 23 acquired by the Jets as part of Jamal Adams trade with Seahawks 
  • No. 25 acquired by the Jaguars as part of Jalen Ramsey trade with Rams 
  • No. 31 acquired by Ravens as part of Orlando Brown trade with Chiefs 
  • No. 36 acquired by Dolphins as part of Larry Tunsil trade with Texans 
  • No. 45 acquired by Jaguars as part of Yannick Ngakoue trade with Vikings
  • No. 63 acquired by Chiefs as part of Orlando Brown trade with Ravens 
  • No. 74 acquired by Washington as part of Trent Williams trade with 49ers
  • No. 79 acquired by Raiders as part of Rodney Hudson trade to Cardinals
  • No. 84 acquired by Eagles as part of Carson Wentz trade to Colts 
  • No. 86 acquired by Jets as part of Jamal Adams trade to Seahawks 
  • No. 90 acquired by Vikings as part of Yannick Ngakoue trade with Ravens 
  • No. 91 acquired by Browns as part of 2020 draft trade with Saints 
  • No. 94 acquired by Ravens as part of Orlando Brown trade with Chiefs