The Chiefs are riding high after thumping the Patriots.
The Chiefs are riding high after Monday's thumping of the Pats. (Getty Images)

If you tossed in a play on the Chiefs last week, you're feeling pretty good about life. Their evisceration of the Patriots on Monday night -- just a complete beatdown, start to finish -- sent them flying up the board for 2015 Super Bowl odds. At 150-1 after Week 3, the Chiefs offensive looks surprisingly improved, and they're now at 50-1.

It's understandable even in a tough division. Jamaal Charles is as dynamic a back as it gets in the NFL and Knile Davis ain't too shabby behind him. Travis Kelce looks like the "next big thing" at tight end. Alex Smith might be a "game manager," but he's a darn good one.

The Chiefs defense is doing a good job of plugging along despite early losses of Derrick Johnsonand Mike DeVito.

At 50-1, they might still be a reasonably-decent speculative play, but it's still going to be an uphill battle for the playoffs with the Broncos and Chargers owning that division.

Monday night was just too good to ignore. 

Other notable movements:

  • The Bengals (9-1) and Chargers (10-1) are the two best teams in the NFL, non-SEA/DEN division. Surely everyone saw that coming.
  • The Packers were a great buy last week at 22-1 and I still like them right now at 14-1. IfAaron Rodgers does what he normally does to the Vikings on Thursday night, they'll climb inside 10-1 by next week. 
  • The Lions are a nice play at 20-1 too. They look like a sneakily complete team. IfMatthew Stafford keeps up his improvements on the efficiency front they're going to be difficult to stop.
  • The Vikings actually had a bigger climb than the Chiefs after their performance against the Falcons, moving from 200-1 to 75-1. Mike Zimmer's doing good work with that defense and Teddy Bridgewater looked capable of making an impact right away this season.
  • Week 5 is really early for teams to be 2000-1 but the Jaguars and Raiders are already there. Impressive!
Team Week 4 Odds
Week 5 Odds Trend
Team Week 4 Odds
Week 5 Odds
Seahawks 15-4 4-1 Falcons 33-1 50-1
Broncos 5-1 9-2 Chiefs 150-1 50-1
Bengals 10-1 9-1 Steelers 40-1 50-1
Chargers 14-1 10-1 Panthers
40-1 66-1
49ers 16-1 12-1 Texans 66-1 66-1
Packers 22-1 14-1 Dolphins 75-1 66-1
Patriots 10-1 16-1 Vikings 200-1 75-1
Lions 22-1 20-1 Bills
75-1 100-1
Colts 33-1 20-1 Browns 150-1 200-1
Eagles 10-1 20-1 Jets 100-1 200-1
Cardinals 25-1 25-1 Redskins 75-1 200-1
Saints 16-1 25-1

Rams 300-1 300-1
Ravens 40-1 28-1 Buccaneers 500-1 300-1
Cowboys 50-1 33-1 Titans 300-1 500-1
Bears 22-1 40-1 Jaguars 1000-1 2000-1
Giants 75-1 40-1 Raiders 1000-1 2000-1