No one knows just yet whose uniform Tom Brady will be in come the start of the 2020 season, and that probably includes Brady himself. There has still been no decision made by the six-time Super Bowl winning quarterback on his future, with rumors of all types now swirling about. Several landing spots have been identified, but there has been no movement in one direction or another, although that will change very, very soon -- with NFL free agency set to blast off in a few days. 

There are rumors the New England Patriots won't give chase to their longtime QB, but there are just as many reports that contradict those rumors. In the end, while there has been no formal sitdown between the two sides as of yet, there have been text messages exchanged -- per Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports in Boston -- strongly hinting at the Patriots still being willing to woo Brady into staying put. 

They won't be the only ones sending him a belated Valentine's card, however, with teams like the Las Vegas Raiders supposedly ready to go full bore at getting Brady to join them in their inaugural season in Nevada.

Or are they?

The latest rumblings, per Curran, are that the Raiders and head coach Jon Gruden -- who is long known for working up a lather when thinking about Brady -- aren't all-in on securing the former four-time Super Bowl MVP. The team has publicly backed quarterback Derek Carr but also notes they're open to all options going forward, and the decision they ultimately make on Carr's future will send shockwaves throughout QB free agency; and largely because it'll impact their level of interest in Brady. If Carr is allowed to remain, you can count Brady out, but if he's pushed out the door -- expect a heated pursuit for Brady, allegedly.

It makes perfect sense for Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock to take a swing at grabbing a winner like Brady to not only boost their chances on the field in 2020, but to also send the relocation hype into overdrive. 

As it stands though, considering the massive number of reports that continually contradict each other when it comes to Brady, the Raiders "love him but only sort of but then again a whole lot but maybe." In the end -- which will be fairly soon -- we'll all know which whispers were correct, and which were a complete waste of time.