While some people are on the edge of their seat over the action in the Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers, others are just here for the commercials. When all is said and done, it will be the final result of the game that people remember years later and the performance of the two teams, but the next day a lot of people talk about the best and worst commercials.

Getting a commercial on Super Bowl Sunday comes at quite the cost so companies bring out their best ideas, concepts and jokes for their spot during the game. 

Here are some of the top commercials from the 54th Super Bowl:

Hulu -- Tom Brady 

Quarterback Tom Brady had all of New England sweating when he posted an un-captioned black and white photo of him walking in, or was it out, of Gillette Stadium's visitor's entrance. Turns out it was just a still from a Super Bowl ad for Hulu. He made fans stop and question if some major announcement was coming with the intro saying, "All good things must come to an end. The best just know when to walk away. So to my teammates, my family, and most of all my fans ... you deserve to hear this from me," but then reveals he is not "going anywhere." Dissect it for yourself in the tweet above. 

Walmart -- Famous Visitors

This Walmart commercial shows some of everyone's favorite movie characters shopping at the store. From Buzz Lightyear to the Lego Batman characters to Groot, the movie favorites show up to Walmart to purchase what they need. As their official Twitter account says, "They came in peace. They left with groceries."

Rocket Mortgage -- Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa takes center stage in the Rocket Mortgage commercial and gives fans an inside look into what his home life was like. The actor, rather creepily, takes off his muscles, revealing a scrawny body. He then takes off his famous locks to show he actually has a balding head.

Mountain Dew -- The Shining

Mountain Dew does a remake of The Shining and swaps out the iconic line "Here's Johnny!" for, "Here's Mountain Dew Zero Sugar" delivered by actor Bryan Cranston, in place of Jack Nicholson. Tracee Ellis Ross, who replaces Shelly Duvall, extends her hand out, despite the horror scene and admits she is thirsty and wants the soda. 


This hilarious take on infomercials shows the many different avocado related products for sale. Avo-carriers, a pool float and my personal favorite, an adorable mini-suitcase for your avocado. The ridiculous commercial also stars actress Molly Ringwald.

Pringles -- Rick and Morty

Pringles paired up with Rick and Morty to advertise their many flavors. Rick realizes he and Summer are trapped in a Pringles commercial despite being warned that this would happen. The commercial becomes flooded with robot Mortys who is yelling about the company's many flavors. 

Planters Peanuts -- Mr. Peanut Funeral

Planters Peanuts announced earlier that Mr. Peanut died and the funeral would be held during the Super Bowl. Many others, including Wesley Snipes, Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man were in attendance. After a tear falls into the soil a plant sprouts and out comes a baby peanut, or Baby Nut, who later appears to reveal himself as Mr. Peanut, asking for his monocle. 

Doritos -- Old Town Road

Doritos has a history of having great Super Bowl commercials and for LIV they used one of the biggest songs of the year as the backdrop and theme of their ad. Lil Nas X and Samuel Elliott duel as "Old Town Road" plays. The singer wins, getting on his horse, and celebrates the victory with cool ranch Doritos. 

Michelob ULTRA -- Jimmy Fallon and John Cena

Jimmy Fallon and John Cena and well, it does not go as planned. After Fallon realized the gym out might not be his cup of tea, he finds a better cup of tea in Michelob ULTRA. Fallon then tries his hand in other sports and is joined by famous athletes as he takes on each one. 

Jeep -- Groundhog Day

Bill Murray and Jeep are here to remind people that it is not just Super Bowl Sunday, it is also Groundhog Day. The "Groundhog Day" and "Caddyshack" star is no stranger to groundhogs and in this commercial is joined by the talking animal to join him in reliving the day. 

Google -- How to not forget

Google came out with a heavier commercial this year, focused around a husband who is seemingly trying to remember his late wife. He goes through asking Google to show him photos and memories of Loretta and the search engine takes him down memory lane.