The 2021 NFL offseason is shaping up to be unlike any other, at least in terms of quarterback movement. A year after Tom Brady's stunning relocation from New England to Tampa Bay, the headlining QB move of an unprecedented market for established signal-callers, this year's free agency period figures to be even busier, with close to a dozen big names rumored or reported to be available. The literal free agent market, however, is actually pretty tame, considering most of those names are veterans already under contract -- guys such as Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson and Derek Carr, who may or may not be central to trade talks.

Who's actually set to be available on the open market? We're here to fill you in. Again, it's important to differentiate this year's free agent class with this year's reported trade block, which is overstuffed with potential starters. As far as vets who can become unrestricted free agents, and thus free to sign with anyone when the offseason officially kicks off on March 17, here are the best of the bunch:

Note: Listed ages are for the start of the 2021 season. Projected AAV indicates average annual value.

1. Dak Prescott (Cowboys)

Dak Prescott
DAL • QB • #4
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Typically, those likely to get the franchise tag (or, in Prescott's case, a second) don't warrant a whole lot of speculation as free agents. But by delaying a lucrative deal for their star QB, the Cowboys are approaching dangerous territory. The team obviously prefers Prescott stick around long term, but if the two sides can't strike an extension ahead of 2021, a tag-and-trade could very much be in play. Prescott played a career-low five games in 2020 due to a severe ankle injury suffered in October, but he's proven he's at least top-12 material, if not better, over five NFL seasons. While he doesn't possess the jaw-dropping athleticism of other young stars such as Patrick MahomesLamar Jackson or Kyler Murray, he's almost always been a steady hand, with top-tier pocket presence.

Age: 28
Projected AAV: $35-40 million

Logical landing spots: Cowboys, Colts, Raiders

2. Jameis Winston (Saints)

Jameis Winston
NO • QB • #2
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If Sean Payton is to be believed, Winston is already a front-runner to succeed Drew Brees once the longtime Saints star officially retires. The only potential holdup is money, considering a.) New Orleans has less cap room than any other team, and b.) Winston may very well draw interest elsewhere. The gap between he and Prescott, of course, is huge. Winston is still somewhat of a projection at 27. Buccaneers fans who watched him for five years might say otherwise, pointing to the consistent features of his game: Big arm, questionable decision-making. But after a season resting and learning under Brees and Payton, there's at least some hope he can be a big-play starter alongside a strong staff and supporting cast.

Age: 27
Projected AAV: $7-10 million

Logical landing spots: Saints, Bears

3. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Dolphins)

Ryan Fitzpatrick
WAS • QB • #14
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What are you looking for in a QB? That's the huge question with Fitzpatrick. In 2021, he's more of a sure thing than a guy such as Winston. But nearing 40, with his style of play, he's a one- or two-year solution, at most. And even then, he's closer to a mid-tier full-timer, thriving more often as a spot starter as he did in Miami this past season. Fitz has been surprisingly efficient in recent years, at least in comparison to the rest of his gunslinging career, and he offers a never-say-die mentality ripe for stints off the bench.

Age: 38
Projected AAV: $6-10 million

Logical landing spot: Colts, Dolphins, Patriots, Texans

4. Jacoby Brissett (Colts)

Jacoby Brissett
WAS • QB • #12
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Some feel as though Brissett got a raw deal in Indianapolis, where his so-so performance as an emergency Andrew Luck successor prompted the Colts to pay up for one year of Philip Rivers. But if they aren't sold on handing the reins to him after four years in the system, why should anyone be talking him up as a legit starter? Truth be told, Brissett can be a fine game manager. But he's best suited for a No. 2 role. In his two full seasons as a starter, he barely completed 60 percent of his throws, posted QB ratings below 90 and never threw for more than 20 touchdowns. He's conservative and serviceable, but not much else.

Age: 28
Projected AAV: $5-7 million

Logical landing spots: Patriots, Chargers, Bears, Jaguars, Eagles

5. Mitchell Trubisky (Bears)

Mitchell Trubisky
PIT • QB • #10
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He no longer deserves, nor will he receive, an uncontested starting job, and the concerns are very real -- none greater than iffy decision-making, especially in key situations. But let's not pretend, after four seasons, at least half of which were spent alongside shoddy coaching, that Trubisky can't give it a real go elsewhere, especially if he's able to sit behind an established veteran. His track record suggests he'll never be a top-12-ish starter, but with underutilized athleticism, he could be a high-end reserve.

Age: 27
Projected AAV: $6-10 million

Logical landing spots: Broncos, Washington, Buccaneers, Panthers

6. Cam Newton (Patriots)

Cam Newton
CAR • QB • #1
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There are legitimate arguments for and against Newton as a hot free agent this time around. On one hand, Newton can't be all that much worse than he was with the Patriots in 2020, when he battled injuries and COVID-19 amid a bad supporting cast. On the other, there's ample evidence that Newton has been flat-out mediocre (at best) since his peak season with the Panthers. His big name and bruising rushing talent are still exciting, but the arm has been unconvincing for a while. On a strongly built contender, he'd be fun to watch, but that kind of setting only figures to surface if he takes a backup role.

Age: 32
Projected AAV: $3-6 million

Logical landing spots: Bears, Bengals, Broncos, Colts, 49ers, Patriots, Washington

7. Andy Dalton (Cowboys)

Andy Dalton
CAR • QB • #14
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Dalton probably still doesn't get all the credit he deserves for the stamina he showed as the Bengals' longtime starter, but his days as a No. 1 should probably be put to rest. Filling in for Dak Prescott in Dallas, he flashed here and there working with the Cowboys' loaded receiving corps, but he also stumbled badly in some key spots. On a true contender, he'd make for one of the NFL's best reserves. The problem is, if he actually coaxes a QB-needy team into a potential starting job, his supporting cast may not be enough to cover up his flaws.

Age: 33
Projected AAV: $3-6 million

Logical landing spots: Bears, Broncos, Colts, Patriots, Washington

8. Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor
NYG • QB • #2
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At this point in his career, he's not that much different from Brissett in terms of what he offers. This is a seasoned veteran who's worked behind or alongside some great starters, with an overly conservative approach and some occasional pop on the ground. But going into his age-32 season, after a very short-lived and uninspiring run as Philip Rivers' successor, he's likely to be more of a second- or third-wave free agent target.

Age: 32
Projected AAV: $3-6 million

Logical landing spots: Broncos, Ravens, Dolphins, Cardinals, Eagles

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