NFL: Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp
Bill Streicher / USA TODAY Sports

PHILADELPHIA -- Impressive can't even begin to describe A.J. Brown over the past two weeks. Brown has been one of the stars at Philadelphia Eagles camp, showcasing the potential of how dangerous of a wide receiver he can be over the next several seasons for the franchise. 

The Eagles are getting what they're paying for in Brown, who -- amazingly enough -- is getting better through each camp practice. It helps that Brown was getting his reps against one of the top cornerback duos in the game, Darius Slay and James Bradberry. Like Brown, both Slay and Bradberry have been camp standouts -- each providing a different challenge for the talented wideout.  

"Both of them are different. Both of them are really talented," Brown said at Eagles camp Tuesday. "One of them is probably top-10 -- Slay. He's really tough. Whenever I go against Slay, I gotta be precise...every step matters. I gotta be clean outta the break. If I don't, it's going the other way.

"He's (Bradberry) a long corner. He does a great job with his hands. It's the same way, I gotta be on my game. Going against these guys in practice, it just helps us (get) ready for whoever we play against. I think I'm really getting my best work each and every day in practice."

Brown's work with Slay and Bradberry was on display in Tuesday's practice. The Eagles wide receiver was challenged by Slay in 11-on-11s as Jalen Hurts delivered an out route to his top target. Hurts threw a precise ball toward Brown with Slay in blanket coverage, but Brown was able to corral the catch and get both feet in as he dove forward. 

Brown won that matchup with Slay, but Bradberry got the better of him later in one-on-ones. Brown had an edge over Bradberry, but Bradberry was able to tip the pass right on the sidelines as Brown made a last ditch effort to come up with it. While Brown was frustrated he didn't come down with the catch, he went straight to Bradberry and said "Good play baby." 

Slay and Braberry have been as good as advertised thus far in camp, showcasing how vital it was for the Eagles to bring Bradberry in as the No. 2 cornerback. Brown is enjoying the challenges presented in front of him, yet the focus remains the same every time he gets the ball. 

"I think it can be an explosive play," Brown said. "That's how I think. How can I turn this play into 10 extra yards? That's my first initial thought. I gotta get 10 every time I touch it. If I get 10, I'm basically going for like 30."