For the past three months, former NBA point guard Nate Robinson has been insisting that he's going to play in the NFL in 2016. The only problem, which was kind of a big one, is that Robinson didn't have a team.

Well, that could change soon.

According to the Washington Post, the Seattle Seahawks gave Robinson a tryout on Monday. Although the team didn't sign him, the two sides did agree to "keep in touch," according to the Post.

The 5-foot-9 Robinson tried out for the team as a defensive back.

Although he's 32, Robinson says his NFL aspirations are no joke. The NBA veteran told in April that playing in the NFL is something he's always had his eye on.

"It's a big-time dream," Robinson said. "Something I've always wanted to do, play both sports at the highest level. We'll see if I can be the first one to really do it."

Nate Robinson wants to make the jump from the NBA to the NFL. USATSI

If Robinson somehow makes the team, he'd become just the second athlete ever to play in both the NBA and NFL. Former Vikings coach Bud Grant is the only athlete to have pulled off the feat. Grant played for the Minneapolis Lakers for two seasons (1949-51) before moving on to the NFL in 1951.

As for Robinson, the obvious question is: Can he pull this off?

The three-time NBA slam dunk champion does have some football experience. Not only did Robinson play in high school, but he also played in 13 games during his freshman year at the University of Washington.

Although Robinson played both offense and defense in high school, the Huskies only let him play defense once he got to college. The former NBA point guard tallied two interceptions during his freshman year.

The way Robinson explains it, his NBA career might not have ever happened if Washington hadn't fired coach Rick Neuheisel after his freshman year.

"For me, it would have been harder to make my decision if Coach [Rick] Neuheisel would've stayed coaching at UW and they would've never fired him," Robinson told "If he had stayed the coach, I would've been probably playing both football and basketball the entire time I was there and picked one later on. I probably would've tried the NFL first."

Instead, Robinson quit football and focused full time on college basketball, which led to him being the 21st overall pick in the 2005 NBA Draft (Phoenix Suns).

As for football, Robinson prefers playing offense, but he said he's not going to be picky about where an NFL team wants him to play.

"I would play whatever position whatever team needs me to play," Robinson said. "I can do either/or. Offense comes naturally. Me getting the ball and people are trying to chase me and tackle me, the moves, that's instincts kicking in. I've been doing that all my life, so nothing else is new."

If Robinson makes the team, he'd be the third-oldest player on the Seahawks roster behind punter Jon Ryan and defensive end Chris Clemons.

If Robinson doesn't make the team, his professional career could be over. The 32-year-old only played in two NBA games last season, which prompted him to sign with an Israel basketball team in March.