The NFL would welcome Colin Kaepernick back to the league so long as a team actually offers the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback a contract. At least one team has now explicitly suggested Kaepernick is a logical possibility, with Los Angeles Chargers coach Anthony Lynn telling reporters Wednesday the free agent QB fits his team's system.

Lynn, who's previously voiced support for Kaepernick's civil rights activism, was asked whether he'd consider signing the QB and gave this response, as reported by NFL Network and other outlets:

"I haven't talked to him, (but) he fits the style of quarterback that we want. We're happy with the three quarterbacks that we want, but you can't have enough on the runway."

Lynn added that the Chargers haven't contacted Kaepernick or made any plans to host him on a workout, but that the QB is on a "workout list," perhaps in the event of an injury to one of their other QBs.

In other words, nothing appears imminent in regards to Kaepernick returning to the NFL, but Lynn specifically calling the former Niners starter a fit for his system opens the door even wider. The Chargers, in fact, were already considered one of the most logical landing spots for Kaepernick. While Lynn has talked up Tyrod Taylor as a short-term Philip Rivers successor, the Chargers were reportedly in pursuit of Tom Brady this offseason, and their first-round pick at quarterback, Justin Herbert, won't have the benefit of a normal offseason.

Most of the league has recently and publicly come around on the idea of Kaepernick, who famously alleged NFL owners of colluding to keep him unemployed because of his on-field protests, resuming his playing career. Commissioner Roger Goodell has led that charge, saying he encourages a team to add Kaepernick and would welcome the one-time Super Bowl standout back.