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The Buffalo Bills have yet to introduce an alternate or throwback helmet since the "one-shell rule" was lifted two years ago. Even though the Bills haven't formally announced any plans for an alternate helmet, a popular design could be on the way. 

Both tight end Dawson Knox and defensive end Greg Rousseau had the popular red Bills helmet from the 1990s on their Instagram stories as part of a Labatt Blue promotion. Is there more than meets the eye here? 

The Bills haven't donned their red helmets since the 2010 season, switching to the white helmets after changing their uniforms to their current design in 2011. The red helmets debuted in 1984 and were a staple of the Bills run of four straight Super Bowl appearances in the early 1990s. 

Would the Bills bring back their 90s throwback uniforms for the red helmets, or does the franchise have another concept in the works? Bills quarterback Josh Allen did wear the red helmet last year coming into HighMark Stadium during a team scrimmage. 

The red helmets do go well with the red alternate jerseys, which the Bills debuted in 2015. A modernized red helmet design could be in the cards for the Bills sooner rather than later, whether they bring back a throwback jersey or keep the current set.